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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Yeah, I'm loving this. Spirit-wise, it feels cut from the same cloth as the slightly unhinged energy of Fiona Apple's more recent output. I doubt that will reflect through the entire album, but it's very much welcomed here.
  2. Well she did describe "Atopos" as the passport to the album itself, so I imagine we don't need to worry about it being a one-off.
  3. Double post, but this song has completely taken over my life. She has a skill in these latter years of taking melodies that make absolutely no obvious sense and worming them into your head in unexpected ways. Hope is a MUSCLE that allows us TOOOO connect refuses to leave me, though if you asked me to sing the rest of the song from memory I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Not to mention the video is addictive as hell. She looks incredible, serving goofy gorgeous face and dancing I can’t help but smile watching. Truly no one else could be doing it like her.
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  4. I love that she is giving “beauty” make-up this era, while still avant-garde and very exaggerated. Especially the eyes and lashes.
  5. I was about to say that she looks way younger than in the Biophilia videos (which I was watching this morning). Her yassified era.
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  6. And even that made sense for the sort of ancient Earth mother vibe she was going for at the time. Her mind.
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  7. She probably watched Glow Up during quarantine ddd
  8. Hope is a ding-dong that allows us to connect etc.
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  9. This new campaign has made me become obsessed with her all over again. Going through Björk phases every now and then is so satisfying.
  10. I adore her so much. I'm so happy to be alive when she is, y'know?
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  11. She actually watched Unhhhh!
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  12. I think my heart would literally fall outta my buss if she were saying such kind things about me.
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  14. I just listened to it. I think this is the best so far. She is so intuitively smart! I love her
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  15. The way Atopos is hypothetically peak esoteric inaccessible Björk but totally unexpectedly hits because of how fun it is. There's such a pleasure in its playfulness - the goofy, jaunty quality of the woodwinds that totally clashes with the heaviness of the beat and produces such a delightful result. There's a certain quality to it that feels like its been absent from her work for a while that I can't quite put my finger on.
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  16. Every artist who is around a bit longer should be obliged to do a MC30 like discography clean up and a Sonic Symbolism like podcast series about their work.
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  17. I’m enjoying the podcast but I wish it was a bit of a Track-by-Track thing too, including b-sides from the era.
  18. Vespertine is such a masterpiece. She doesn’t reveal much (if anything) new in the podcast, but it’s such a joy to hear her talk about it. I love how she can’t really talk about it without comparing it to Homogenic as well.

    I could happily listen to nothing but those two albums.
  19. Are there any good Bjork podcasts that do this?
  20. Why are there so many one-star ratings for this on Discogs, did B piss off some folks recently?
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