Björk - Fossora

Double post, but this song has completely taken over my life. She has a skill in these latter years of taking melodies that make absolutely no obvious sense and worming them into your head in unexpected ways. Hope is a MUSCLE that allows us TOOOO connect refuses to leave me, though if you asked me to sing the rest of the song from memory I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Not to mention the video is addictive as hell. She looks incredible, serving goofy gorgeous face and dancing I can’t help but smile watching. Truly no one else could be doing it like her.

Yeah, absolutely!! Out of nowhere this line dominates my mind several times a day.


I still think this is the go-to if you want her take on her albums from Debut-Vespertine:

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It is so annoyingly and quintessentially Björk that I can't seem to find a digital pre-order for this on any of the services I typically use to buy music, not even Bandcamp, but there are already like 47 physical versions available to pre-order ff
The combination of anticipating the new album and the podcast made me go on such a Björk binge recently. It’s a deep dive so rewarding. People can hate her easily but her investment into her music is mostly unparalleled.

When you listen to Vespertine with good headphones and imagine her sitting there constructing all of this. And while obviously not everything is for everyone her ambition is never at doubt. It’s such a brillant time to be a fan with her really looking back - podcast, orchestral - and looking forward and pushing herself again - Cornucopia, Fosssora.

Also remembered how absurdly good Generous Palmstroke and Verandi are.
Found the transcribed lyrics:

I have placed a glass egg

above us floating

an oval ovule

in a dark blood red void

carries our digital selves

embracing kissing

my skin-mud dense by you

I anchor our darks

sleep with one eye open

watching our sub-selves

the keel of our ship

these obstacles are just teaching us

so we can merge even deeper

into our own personal mineral

fuse alloy, ship ahoy

the hostility a broken heart endures

the velocity of that injury

is returned to the world

with the same grin showing teeth

when I was a girl I felt love was a building

I marched towards

but deadly demonic divorces demolished the idea


now with your romantic intelligence,

sensual tenderness

we dissolve old habits

and place a glass egg above us floating

in the dark blood red oval void

our lovemaking avatars

in a shell
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The B-side "Karvel" was recorded in one of Björk's first sessions with Graham Massey in 1991; during which two other tracks were also recorded: "Army of Me" and "The Modern Things".

So all three songs were originally done during the Debut sessions?

She spoke about them on the podcast. She said they were recorded then, but just didn't fit the energy of Debut so revisited them for Post. (But she said it with more eloquence and a much better accent than me!)