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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Probably people that only remember her from the 90s stumbling upon the new release.
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  2. This song is a grower. I certainly enjoy it more now than I did on first listen.
  3. So interesting hearing how having her first laptop influenced the intimacy and delicate world of Vespertine.

    Also, this quote is everything:
    “I still meet journalists today that always have this ‘oh, if it’s done with a computer, it doesn’t have a soul’ argument. But it’s not about the tool. You cannot rely on a guitar to put a soul on a song, or a violin, or a laptop. If there’s no soul in it, it’s because the human didn’t put it there.”
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  4. Yeah, absolutely!! Out of nowhere this line dominates my mind several times a day.


  5. I still think this is the go-to if you want her take on her albums from Debut-Vespertine:

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  6. You can rate songs on Discogs?
  7. This sounds really good. Who doesn’t like Afrobeats? And Bjork doing reggaeton is great no? Atopos is for sure influenced by these.
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  8. If somebody lists the FLAC or MP3 file.
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  9. Here for her Gasœlinå
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  10. Poor the person who looked at me sideways when I tweeted she was giving reggaeton
  11. The single grew on me like fungus and I have to play it lots of times per day to get my fix. There is so much Björk DNA and it’s more complex than it seems. I love it.
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  12. It is so annoyingly and quintessentially Björk that I can't seem to find a digital pre-order for this on any of the services I typically use to buy music, not even Bandcamp, but there are already like 47 physical versions available to pre-order ff
  13. When she's including the lyrics in the videos this era because the álbjüm bjööklét will exclusively use the mushroom font.

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  14. The combination of anticipating the new album and the podcast made me go on such a Björk binge recently. It’s a deep dive so rewarding. People can hate her easily but her investment into her music is mostly unparalleled.

    When you listen to Vespertine with good headphones and imagine her sitting there constructing all of this. And while obviously not everything is for everyone her ambition is never at doubt. It’s such a brillant time to be a fan with her really looking back - podcast, orchestral - and looking forward and pushing herself again - Cornucopia, Fosssora.

    Also remembered how absurdly good Generous Palmstroke and Verandi are.
  15. J Björkvin
    Bad Bjūnnÿ
    Bjöcky G
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  16. This account is usually pretty accurate. "Ovule" sounds insane.
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  17. Found the transcribed lyrics:

    I have placed a glass egg

    above us floating
an oval ovule

    in a dark blood red void
carries our digital selves
embracing kissing


my skin-mud dense by you
I anchor our darks

    sleep with one eye open

    watching our sub-selves
the keel of our ship


these obstacles are just teaching us
so we can merge even deeper
into our own personal mineral

    fuse alloy, ship ahoy

    the hostility a broken heart endures
the velocity of that injury

    is returned to the world

    with the same grin showing teeth

    when I was a girl I felt love was a building
I marched towards
but deadly demonic divorces demolished the idea


    now with your romantic intelligence,

    sensual tenderness
we dissolve old habits

    and place a glass egg above us floating
in the dark blood red oval void

    our lovemaking avatars
in a shell
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  18. More digital avatars, more divorce references, more mutual balance / harmony lyrics. Mom I love you but can you come up with something else?
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  19. Reminds me of what my straight brother said about her lyrics. "I love that she makes no sense, but like, it makes sense. You know?"
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