Björk - Fossora

I think I have died and gone to heaven.


This era is so joyous and approachable (in fact, it seems like a BPG era through her own filter). Musically, I think I'll have to reset my expectations to her basically reciting great lyrics over great instrumentals. It's hardly catchy, is it.
I really like the explanation of the lyrics too, I get it, totally.
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she really owns that yassified era, huh


i'm still struggling to connect with these releases. with recent albums she kinda claimed the sing/talk-over-instrumentals style and while it was meaningful on both vulnicura and utopia, it fell flat on both of these two singles for me.

looking at these two, i don't think this era is approachable like utopia or her more previous works but maybe that's just me. still haven't listened a bunch of songs, still waiting in excitement.

I feel similarly regarding the video. In the last years all her videos looks very similar

also, this.