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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. she really owns that yassified era, huh


    i'm still struggling to connect with these releases. with recent albums she kinda claimed the sing/talk-over-instrumentals style and while it was meaningful on both vulnicura and utopia, it fell flat on both of these two singles for me.

    looking at these two, i don't think this era is approachable like utopia or her more previous works but maybe that's just me. still haven't listened a bunch of songs, still waiting in excitement.

    also, this.
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  2. This new one is gonna take some time to get. Lyrically it makes me wish she had gone for a softer sound though. The description of love as a building that got demolished because of how painful the divorce was... damn.
  3. This is Who Is It’s little sister, with a bit of Overture (the trombone bits). Really good.
  4. Yeah I have accepted her videos are just glorified fashion shoots now because she no longer has access to the insane budget she used to have in the '90s, plus at her age she probably prefers a light one-day in-and-out shoot.
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  5. I loved the video, it's definitely giving me a nod to Homogenic's album cover. The song is again hard to latch onto after just one listen but I've no doubt it will grow on me just like the last.
  6. Ovule is pretty great to these ears! Its very simple, well... I guess not simple, but straight forward and beautiful. It really is giving me Volta/Medulla at its core. I think this one will sound even greater within the album. The horns and beats in this one are already becoming very memorable and addicting.

    I love that she keeps evoking these wonderful feelings of her past works, which has given this project so much more life energy then the ones before it. Even if she touches on harder subject matters it still feels like shes putting down her roots and showing newly regained confidence, This all feels like a energetic celebration for her.
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  7. This.

    She is saving money because she produces and composes everything herself but she has lots of musicians working with her, amazing fashion and visual concepts and all and all that without – I can only guess – having endless amounts of money. Didn't she sell a lot of stuff to finance her next project a while ago? I know she is touring but her tours are never simple. She can't make billions with them while we still expect her to look and work like that.

    That said I found the videos from Vulnicura and Utopia distinctive from each other. And Atopos is different too. I am sure she could also use limited ressources for something completely different. But I give happily give her break after all the visionary stuff she put out in terms of visuals in the past. And I prefer some mood pieces to only one video per campaign and Atopos actually felt like a comparably big production.

    Long story short it is understandable that things changed. But also understandable to dislike it for sure.
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  8. Energetic is definitely a word to describe the new album. Lively, dynamic, surprising, but completely overflowing with Björk's DNA. GMO bring a certain dystopian emptiness sometimes but surprisingly that makes a lot of sense in context.

    The radical finale of Atopos became such a moment for me already that I am basically waiting for to happen everytime I hear it.
  9. This reminds me a lot of History of Touches. It's really nice, and the video also feels like a return to the 3D plantscapes in Homogenic's artwork right down to the color palette
  10. The visuals are insane. Song is definitely less instant than Atopos, but I like the Volta-ish soundscape. I wonder if this will be one of the slower ones in the album?
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  11. Is this album her Rebel Heart? (looking back at her career, citing own visual and sonic codes, etc.)

    This new song is very Volta.
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  12. "Ovule" is... a song by Björk.
    I like how it sounds like a hybrid of "Volta" and "Medúlla", but the main detractor here is the completely directionless melody, it's more unapproachable than majority of the songs from her recent few albums actually.

    The visuals continue to be excellent, she's surely not holding back with the amount of camp during this era.
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  13. Dd no shade but sis is a literal multi-millionaire, owns all her own masters and publishing and is almost certainly not hurting for budget, her campaigns probably just require much less money now she's settled into this level of her career and knows what she wants. She's clearly learned to visualise stuff articulately with smaller teams/working with established contacts/less intensive shoots/more economical album recording. It's natural that'd be reflected in the visual world a bit.

    Little Fagets still buy everything she puts out, she headlines every festival she wants to, sells out every show she does. She's not one of our flop faves with a Patreon, just a more efficient businesswöman.
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  14. We have to be honest, a high-budget music video isn't going to bring her a hit anytime soon either, so why not cut costs? I find them interesting and artful enough, still.
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  15. I think the video looked great though, I'm not getting 'cheap' from any of it, so not really sure what people are complaining about to be honest.

    Also, side note, I'm disgusted that PopJustice have a semi naked Lewis Capaldi each side of the screen as I type. I feel unwell. Make it stop.
  16. Adblock sis
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  17. …Who watches any of her videos in the last decade and gets “low budget” or any sort of corner-cutting?
  18. 2 for 2 for me. My brain finally understands the wonky dissonance of Atopos and Ovule sounds like the best bits of Volta with better production.
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  19. Why is it not on Apple Music already? I love it.
  20. It's one of the slowest but by far not the only slow one.
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