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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Yes. I am so ready to dive into a new Björk experience. Maybe she holds it back a bit until after The Northman? She was technically due for that art thingy in France and it sounded like she is not fully ready. But it would feel quite realistic to be done now?

    Who knows. I just want it. Now.
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  2. Is it meant to be coming this year?
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  3. She said something about mastering and suggested summer I think but not sure. If she didn't start over she should be pretty far in the process. It may really be about timing and potentially vinyl production now. I don't remember the interview exactly but how she worded it made it feel that this is actually one of the hold ups.

    I can also imagine her wanting to end the Orchestral tour first before starting over,
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  4. I understood the label just needed to be mixed, which can take very little or very long. And I guess you need like 6 months or something to produce vinyls.
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  5. I still can’t believe the Queen of formats hasn’t released any visual recordings of the Vulnicura and Utopia shows……yet.
  6. Contrary to what originally thought, Slav witch Бьöрк will indeed feature on the soundtrack of The Northman. But not as a serious classical music composer or songwriter: she's one of the six singers who contributed vocals to the unsettling and menacing score of period-accurate early Nordic folk music composed by her old acquaintances Vessel and Robin Carolan. The other vocalists are Lyra Pramuk, Dessi Stefanova and Swedish folk artists. The inclusion of a Bulgarian folk specialist is particularly interesting because B's 30-second seeress character is said to be not of Viking blood but an East Slav from the Kievan Rus'—that enormous headdress made of wheat does look Ukrainian as fuck after all. Pagan prayer circle for high-pitched Slavic hollering and yodelling.

    About the new album: according to the public Swiss broadcaster RTS, B is set to perform some of the new material at her Montreux Jazz Festival gig in July. Not sure if actual tea or just a wishful guess but fingers crossed anyway.
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  7. She’s just been announced for the three Primavera Sound editions in South America in November. Something is coming soon for sure!
  8. A single would be cute. Or a glimpse of info. Just something to speculate about.
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  9. I really struggled with Utopia. The instrumentals were beautiful and dramatic, but it seemed like every track had the same topline melody and it got so exhausting to listen to.
  10. A strong word to use.

    Nah, I like Utopia and think like virtually everything she does, it's a compelling piece of art, but it...didn't have much replay value for me. I find it interesting while engaged with it, then forget about it entirely. The songwriting was on point, but it just didn't hit the way Vulnicura did.

    And even then, Vulnicura is half mind-blowingly incredible, half ok.
  11. Touche.

    I liked Vulnicura a lot despite it also having the repeated melody problem, though to a lesser extent. The austere atmosphere of it did more for me than Utopia's softer sonic landscape and there were so many gut punch emotional moments on it.

    I just don't get why someone with a voice as big as Bjorks' has such undercooked toplines on these records. The melody decifit problem tends to be more of an issue in alternative music, where the pen game tends to be on a level that pop artists seem incapable of but the artists forget to actually put a melody in the song. But this is usually a problem when it comes to technically limited vocalists like Nick Cave or Jeff Tweedy (there's like two Wilco records that are melodically superb, those being Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born and then it feels like every record he's on are filled with all these dull non-melodies. Which would be fine it was just a few tracks but when the issue is so widespread, it draws out the length of even short records). I guess it's just not something she feels like concerning herself with, but with such a vocal range, you'd think she'd tap into the melodic possibilities of it more.

    Of course that's not to see to say that these albums need to be catchy. Catchiness doesn't really mean shit to me these days, not when so many of these pop albums have absolutely nothing to say, and obviously that's not what she's going for. But I do like to feel like I'm not listening to the same song over and over again.

    I will say that both Vulnicura and Utopia both have absolutely banging opening tracks though.
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  12. I have very good feelings about this coming album, though. I get the feeling she wants to have a little more fun (by Björk standards).
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  13. LTG


    Bjöps incoming
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  14. I still can’t believe her festival stop here in November is allegedly part of Orkestral (it was billed as such in one of her promo posts on Insta)

    1. It’s a festival, in Brazil, during almost-summer. I would love to watch the Orkestral show if I was, you know, seated in an auditorium or something.

    2. That kind of implies the new album still won’t have been released by then??

    I’m obviously still going and it’s probably going to be amazing, but it’s all a bit confusing.
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  15. Not that there ever was a doubt, but here's official confirmation that she will be up in drags for the cover:

  16. I was having doubts about this coming out this year.
    But the artwork is done and the album is done, so I guess it might just come down to vinyl delays?
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  17. I feel like everything does these days
  18. The leaks in 2015 caused her to release the album digitally and later came the physical. She could always do that again.
  19. It's taking so f long. Jesus.
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  20. It's going to be a late Autumn/Winter release by the looks of it.
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