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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. HMD


    Not feeling this one on first listen. I’m a little disappointed after Atopos, which hooked me instantly.
  2. I’m already coming around to it but I’m just sighing at the idea of an album of this.
  3. I’ll stick with Atopos.
  4. Yeah, like many of you, I'm pretty cool to Ovule. It does feel a bit like a Bjork madlib, or something she wrote in five minutes while on the can.

    But, yes, the visuals are serve. And I'm enjoying her telling me to "sleep with one eye open" while brandishing a giant talon.
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  5. Not sure why, but some elements here remind me of The Modern Things
  6. After listening to this a few times I am really enjoying it. Most of the vocal and instrumental melodies are quite beautiful and dare I say catchy. There's just little repetition or predictability throughout the song to latch onto.

    Also the audio on streaming is so much better than the video? It sounds like a different mix?
  7. It’s a nice video, and it could work in the middle of the album to add to the mood, but it’s way too meandering to me. My 90s Bjork-loving attention span cannot quite handle this.
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  8. I love Ovule more than Atopos even. I think it is very well constructed and well written.

    I – and this not a dig at you at all, just the following thought – feel that Björk left the lane some want her to be in so long ago that it gets tiresome to discuss her apparent shortcomings. If everything after Volta didn't tell people that she is a very introvert artist now, working through her inner fights, without any interest of fulfilling expectations, I think you are the problem.

    And this is at all means not saying some arrogant 'you just don't get it' stuff. It's just a realization some people have to have. And also not saying that everything she puts out is brillant. It's more complex.

    They have nothing much in common on the surface but at the core Madonna and Björk have the same thing going on. People love what they did in the beginning and the fact they sticked to their own vision – them being popular or not – made lots of early fans unhappy. Again: I am not judging at all. But Björk took enough turns to make sure she is not delivering another Hyperballad again. Which is ok to hate, but als ok to love.

    I am not loving everything she does now blindly. I am not the biggest Utopia fan. But she created Cornucopia with it which was one of the most impressive live shows I have ever seen. Lots of older popstars are just doing their Greatest Hits, Björk is delivering what she wants to.

    Personally I think The Gate and Black Lake are amongst her best works ever. Others hate them. That's alway the case with art: some hate, some love. I think most Björk fans would agree that Biophilia was a bit too challenging, and many would not love Utopia. But I don't know how people would expect something different than Atopos and Ovule at this point.

    The album has classic Björk moments but also stuff conservative fans will hate with a passion.

    I have no idea if what I just wrote made sense at all. And I am aware that 'it's just not for you' is the tackiest explanation for others not loving what you do. But I feel that people who followed Björk will not be surprised by this album while still being fascinated where she takes things. The good thing about Fossora may be that it actually takes unexpected turns while Vulnicura and Utoipa have been comparable foreseeable once you started diving in.

    Long story short: It is as understandable to hate her recent stuff as it is to love it. She may not belong into a pop music forum at all anymore BUT I also feel this is the album people who were disappointed in the last two album will find songs – or at least moments – they love.
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  9. One of the best thing so far about both songs is how she isn’t shouting or using too many layered vocals. I think ovule isn’t as bad as I thought when I first listened to it but I really like albums where Bjork sticks to her concept and uses a specific combination of instruments. Bring back the clarinets asap!
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  10. I think people with good headphones or speakers will really love Allow. Imagine a Utopia track but with a consistent, subtle yet pushing beat, a dirty bass but also tons of flutes BUT a bassline. It is where all her general shenanigans are paired with some very straight forward bassline. It is not a banger at all but a mellow listen in the best way with few surprises. And the middle part is very reminiscent of early Björk. I think it is a breath of fresh air. While obviously still avoiding a chorus. It is like Utopia Björk had to do her own take of Britney's Breath On Me.

    Disclaimer: It does not sound like Breath Of Me, It is not a Banger. It is just so surprising that she has a continuous bassline that you could almost call sexy – that's why I said it is Utopia Björk's take on it. And we have heard Utopia Björk.

    She is also breaking the rhythm at some point. But it kind of is an awakening song. Imagine Utopia but with BDE. (STILL not !!! a banger, just something with a proper rhythm). It is what "the tinder album" would have sounded in my mind. It's tons of sounds, a sonic wall, but with a kind of pushing beat, which we hadn't had in ages.

    I feel like I have to say it again: It's not Dirrty or 212. It is slow but steady.

    Second Disclaimer: I already feel like those weird people saying something on Selena Gomez' last album sounded like Björk which was silly. I was describing a feeling of an continuously bass that is kind of sexy. It is a very personal observation that may does not make sense for anyone else.

    So all you need to know is that Allow is a good song.
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  11. Damn, this sounds hot as fuck.
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  12. Again: It is just that it has an actual bassline and tons of flutes you could moderately move your hip to. But I also think the song is about opening yourself up for love/banging again anyway so it all makes sense. But Fungal City is the actual sex song here lyrics wise.
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  13. Oh I get what you’re saying. I hold no illusions it’ll be a Britney bop. But sounds like my stan ass is gonna be grinding to “Allow” anyway.
  14. That's the song with Emilie Nicolas on it, so it's definitely one of my most anticipated tracks!
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  15. Just watched the Ovule video and the “Fuse alloy, ship ahoy” line and her delivery really jumped out at me. Getting more and more into it
  16. I do wish Ovule just had a few moments in the instrumental where it separated from the 'verses' to give the listener something else. It is all a bit samey. There is clearly no chorus or hook here but sometimes you can still create that vibe but having certain parts of the music or production on the vocals being vastly different to set them apart from the rest.
    I think as track 2 on the album, it'll be a nice a little song you sit through in order to get to track 3 onwards. I hope there is more to really get your teeth into on the album as a whole though.
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  17. The Uncut interview is good, even with all the typos. They call the album the sequel to Homogenic. I didn’t realize that Bjork’s relationship with her mother was so bad.
  18. @theincredibleflipper thanks for the song description. I would be awesome to read your thoughts on each song day per day.

    I am not surprised by Ovule being the second song on the album. Medulla started with Pleasure is all mine and Show me forgiveness - veeery slow.
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  19. Trust Björk to give her sex jam the unsexiest name. You can definitely get a cream for that.
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