Björk - Fossora

I love Ovule more than Atopos even. I think it is very well constructed and well written.

I – and this not a dig at you at all, just the following thought – feel that Björk left the lane some want her to be in so long ago that it gets tiresome to discuss her apparent shortcomings. If everything after Volta didn't tell people that she is a very introvert artist now, working through her inner fights, without any interest of fulfilling expectations, I think you are the problem.

And this is at all means not saying some arrogant 'you just don't get it' stuff. It's just a realization some people have to have. And also not saying that everything she puts out is brillant. It's more complex.

They have nothing much in common on the surface but at the core Madonna and Björk have the same thing going on. People love what they did in the beginning and the fact they sticked to their own vision – them being popular or not – made lots of early fans unhappy. Again: I am not judging at all. But Björk took enough turns to make sure she is not delivering another Hyperballad again. Which is ok to hate, but als ok to love.

I am not loving everything she does now blindly. I am not the biggest Utopia fan. But she created Cornucopia with it which was one of the most impressive live shows I have ever seen. Lots of older popstars are just doing their Greatest Hits, Björk is delivering what she wants to.

Personally I think The Gate and Black Lake are amongst her best works ever. Others hate them. That's alway the case with art: some hate, some love. I think most Björk fans would agree that Biophilia was a bit too challenging, and many would not love Utopia. But I don't know how people would expect something different than Atopos and Ovule at this point.

The album has classic Björk moments but also stuff conservative fans will hate with a passion.

I have no idea if what I just wrote made sense at all. And I am aware that 'it's just not for you' is the tackiest explanation for others not loving what you do. But I feel that people who followed Björk will not be surprised by this album while still being fascinated where she takes things. The good thing about Fossora may be that it actually takes unexpected turns while Vulnicura and Utoipa have been comparable foreseeable once you started diving in.

Long story short: It is as understandable to hate her recent stuff as it is to love it. She may not belong into a pop music forum at all anymore BUT I also feel this is the album people who were disappointed in the last two album will find songs – or at least moments – they love.

I’m with you on all this as a sentiment. Some of her most difficult moments are among my very favourite, and ultimately I want her to keep pushing the boundaries she’s so good at pushing. I’m just not feeling these new tracks as much as some previous ones - but also they have things to them I like more than certain other recent tracks too. Because she makes difficult art, I think part of appreciation and criticism (in the true meaning of the word) will lead to elements appealing more to some people, or just outright working better for some people. And that’s so important. Her albums are like walking through a multimedia contemporary art exhibition - you’ll leave going “ x or y pieces really struck me”, but knowing there’s parts that either didn’t resonate or you want to give more time.

And on a basic level I also just love her voice and would love to hear it used differently.
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after more listens, i'm getting warmed up with ovule, hopefully. still feeling the repetitiveness - but on the other hand, she can and will do whatever she does and i sincerely appreciate her hard work i guess.

This is amazing.
I wonder if we will get any cool remixes of these songs? I feel like a remix album could follow at some point.
The songs deserve. Plus the few ones that explode at the end should also be extended at some point. Since Trölla-Gabba is just an instrumental interlude it would be perfect for it. Plus the absolute hurricane that is breaking loose at the end of Fossora should go on at least another two minutes.

Freefall is one of her best compositions ever. It is very classical.
The Dull Flame Of Desire is hittin' me hard after Ovule. I also remind of The Modern Things (Telegram Remix) ALL the time. Gosh, I love her music too much. Always a trip.
I just keep listening to this and can imagine it acapella with just a light piano running underneath. Those lyrics are so deep while the music isn't doing much?