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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. According to the booklet, Sorrowful Soil is an eulogy for hildur rúna and Ancestress is an epitaph for hildur rúna.

    It is a center piece of the album and Ancestress is followed by a moment of silence followed by Fagurt which feels like the connection to the ancestors that Hildur was sent to somehow. It's all really stunning and a work of art.
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  2. I love this video

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  3. Spending a day tromping around Iceland with B sounds like so much fun.
  4. YouTube version:
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  5. Me after watching that video once:

    “yeah Im like, totally in my fungul period! something cute and fun, something bubbly for the lockdown”
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  6. Are you coming?????

    We love an impatient mushroom queen, yes we do.
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  7. I haven't been able to take out of my mind the visual of Björk destroying the infrastructure of downtown Reyjkavík grinning at the wheel of her land rover while blasting Shygirl and tourists trying to reel her back in to the realm of civilized society.
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  8. This era is giving everything. I wonder if the upcoming Cornucopia concerts will incorporate this album (and then be released as her previous tours have).
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  9. [​IMG]

    Can't wait for a seven min Ancestress/Ancestors mash up feat. Tanya Tagaq & Sindri.
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  10. We always knew the "Triumph of a Heart" video was more documentary than fiction.
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  11. This is the most hyped I've been for a Björk release since Volta. Not that I didn't enjoy those albums in between, but since 2020 I've "re-melted" into her work and am more ready than ever for something new. And everything we've seen and heard so far is really resonating, I'm buzzing even more since reading the new interview this morning.
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  13. Mycelia. It has no lyrics and it is a little interlude before going into the heavy section about her mother's death.
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  15. As a Medulla-devotee, that little snippet has me so excited!
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  16. The fonts on the cover. Gaphic design is their passion.
  17. "Ancestress" is contemporary classical music, an aria made for large opera houses. It's solemn but without any heaviness—it's hymnic, celebratory, almost uplifting even if most of it recalls a death. No dissonant or unstable combinations unlike "Atopos" and "Ovule": Björk duets with strings, bells and Sindri—mother, son and instrumentation singing the same sweet melody as if they were one choir. The beats, thumping and stab-like, are muted and unobtrusive, perfectly integrated in the architecture of the song. And the traditionalists in our midst will be delighted to know the song has some kind of chorus!

    Björk Von Bjöthoven, the serious composer, her majestic revenge.
  18. Fjsafafd the way she’s genuinely not like the other girls. She truly has other alt girls shook.
  19. Ancestress is great. Sonically the 3 songs are kind of all over the place, though. I think it will be more rewarding to hear the album in full.

    Atopos > Ancestress > Ovule
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