Björk - Fossora

She grins, absent-mindedly rubbing her stomach. “The lyrics are a bit odd, and I thought, I’ll just let it be odd. Sometimes you ruin things by making all the words and grammar proper.”



After a recuperative holiday in Greece, Björk conceived a meatier tribute to her mother. This one, “Ancestress,” took the form of an epitaph in an Icelandic folk style. “I wrote pages and pages and pages, and edited it down, just to leave exactly the words I want to be there,” she says. “If I was a priest, it’s what I would’ve said at the funeral.” The recording features her son, Sindri, on backing harmonies.

Can't wait for a seven min Ancestress/Ancestors mash up feat. Tanya Tagaq & Sindri.
This is the most hyped I've been for a Björk release since Volta. Not that I didn't enjoy those albums in between, but since 2020 I've "re-melted" into her work and am more ready than ever for something new. And everything we've seen and heard so far is really resonating, I'm buzzing even more since reading the new interview this morning.
"Ancestress" is contemporary classical music, an aria made for large opera houses. It's solemn but without any heaviness—it's hymnic, celebratory, almost uplifting even if most of it recalls a death. No dissonant or unstable combinations unlike "Atopos" and "Ovule": Björk duets with strings, bells and Sindri—mother, son and instrumentation singing the same sweet melody as if they were one choir. The beats, thumping and stab-like, are muted and unobtrusive, perfectly integrated in the architecture of the song. And the traditionalists in our midst will be delighted to know the song has some kind of chorus!

Björk Von Bjöthoven, the serious composer, her majestic revenge.

Rumbling down a two-lane highway in her hefty white Land Rover, Björk is chatting away in meandering tribute to Iceland’s volcanic landscape when a digger truck lumbers into view. The unexpected obstacle presents a chance for a spot of mischief. Wrinkling her nose, Björk eyes a tight opening ahead and stamps the throttle to perform a perilous passing maneuver. “Cheeky cheeky!” she trills, nearly demolishing a roadside post. Back in lane, she slides off her coat and casually resumes her ode to her island nation.

Fjsafafd the way she’s genuinely not like the other girls. She truly has other alt girls shook.