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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Ancestress sounds incredible! I can't wait.
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  2. Where are we hearing "Ancestress?"

    Oh, is it just the preview? I see. I can wait.

    Is it weird I think I like "Ovule" even more than "Atopos" nn.
  3. No, you stan Volta.
  4. LTG


    for the “björk’s vids aren’t extravagant anymore” girlies
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  5. Oh shit, this is gonna be my favorite huh.
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  6. Oh my god, you said you wanted some video budget!
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  7. It's kinda giving Solar Power but make it kooky and Icelandic nn
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  8. The visuals are killing me this era, can't wait for the new video tomorrow.
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  9. She is going to be interviewed on BBC6 tomorrow at 12 BST.

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  10. I finally got around to reading the Pitchfork piece and it really is such an interesting window into her world and the creation of Fossora. Just a shame it ends so abruptly, I would have loved for it to be longer.
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  11. I am so impatient for that video. I can only imagine fantastic things. I hope it is true that there is also a visual for Sorrowful Soil. Fossora would work perfectly as a visual album.
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  12. The "Ancestress / Sorrowful Soil" dual video was mentioned in the Pitchfork piece, so it's definitely coming. More interestingly, will all of the tracks have a video?
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  13. I read it but i am surprised they go with Ancestress first since Sorrowful Soil comes first on the album and makes chronologically more sense but thinking about it it works just as good the other way around maybe.

    This campaign is great so far. The music is on point for me, the visuals are all over the place and she has already given us iconic moments like her almost SUV havoc. And her interviews are interesting in general.
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  14. Bjork really is someone who needs a full visual album.
  15. Well, "Vulnicura" had 7/9 tracks get a video treatment, does that kinda-sorta count?
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  16. Bjork the anti-Beyonce video-wise!
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  17. Wasn’t Biophilia supposed to be made into a sci-fi film or something?
  18. Ancestress is up on Apple Music now. Hello melodies!
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  19. Yeah, this is absolutely beautiful. A little triggering, perhaps, giving me flashback to my mum passing in 2020... But this is a very nice song indeed.
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