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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Nice. Liking it a lot more now. Think I'm gonna enjoy this album more as a whole piece
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  2. This is fantastic. I have no words.
  3. This is so beautiful and melancholy.

    Cannot overstate how happy I am with the vocal arrangement and production this era. Ever since Volta, it has felt a bit all over the place, but all three tracks are hitting all the right marks for me.
  4. It made me cry.
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  5. She is so precise right now.
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  6. This is special.
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  7. Very beatiful video, definitely the best so far.
  8. While I'm asleep
    My mother and son pour into me
    Warm glowing oil
    Into my wide open throat

    Excuse me if this was already mentioned, but this song and video are a bit of a throwback to Heirloom. It makes sense that her son features on the song.
  9. Ancestress is the top point upon the 3 singles both music & video-wise!
  10. Matrimort.

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  11. She just gives us all so much, the video got me emotional.
    This is 3 out of 3 so far for me, can’t wait to immerse myself in the full album.
  12. Ancestress is massive?

    It somehow, especially with the video. I love the lyrics in this one, and 7 mins actually flies by when your digesting all the intricacies. It sounds a little like another Bjork song but I cant quite put my finger on it. (In a good/catchy way) Everything is ‘clicking’ with me this era and making me revisit so much of her past work with some new, older, wiser ears because there are so many connections to herself in these new tracks.
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  13. I assumed Ancestress would be a lot darker and heavier, but it is so bright and full of hope! A beautiful way to say goodbye.
  14. Yeah. Same! It's a wonderful and positive tribute.

    Edit> I wish I could hear more of Sindri's voice, tbh.

    Edit II I just remembered that I made his page on wikifeet, hahaha. Don't judge me, I have a crush on him.
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  15. I assumed from the first interviews, that this album was going to be very sombre and heavy on the production side, like Family but with clarinets, all the songs really surprised me so far!
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  16. I was expecting something very very different from what we got. Very few songs at the end of the album fulfill her clarinet fungi gabber narrative. I guess she needed a story to tell. If you reorganize the album you end up with a half obscure half fun mushroom EP and a different deep and intense and very personal one. It is almost like the Fungi songs just grew between the other ones.

    I think I said it before that it feels like a ceremonial retrospective of her artistry while pushing things forward too and also connecting . The three released songs show that quite well. They songs are very different and could actually be from different albums. But they have such an essentiell DNA running through them they work together.
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  17. Ancestress left me shook. Out of the songs in this confessional poetry style since Vulnicura, this one surely has some of her best lyrics. Love the build up of the song and the video is just beautiful.

    Absolutely, the three singles are a great representation of different aspects of her work in the past decade. We got a weird Bjöp in Atopos with the intense electronics, some free-form conceptual faux-improv with Ovule, and now the beautifully orchestrated and sincere Ancestress.
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  18. The video paired with the song is just…

  19. Oh, I wasn’t ready for this half-awake this morning. Absolutely beautiful, heart wrenching and strangely hopeful. The scene where she cradles the dancer while oil is poured into their mouth—I am unwell!
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  20. I also really love the choice to include lyrics in all the music videos this era, it really adds to the experience.
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