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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Another winner! This one is the densest and most chaotic yet to my ears–though that title repetition is almost a chorus in itself. “Ovule” is still my favorite so far, but I reserve the right to change that with time.
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  2. Ayye issa slapper
  3. In some regions Fossora still has vocals from the other GMO member:

    Omar Souleyman outsold
  4. THIS needs a video! Can you imagine that glorious insanity?!



    Someone already said it, but the outro is indeed giving "Pluto"!
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  6. I thought of Pluto too.

    Hold up - is this the first ever Bjork album where she sings the album title in a song?
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  7. Poor, forgettable Utopia.

    This may be the first time people are still awake to hear her do it though.
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  8. The title track is so avant-garde.

    That instrumental is straight out of Stravinsky. The verses are a little… Biophilia-esque (with better production) but that chorus is really striking.
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  9. Oh I love it! And most of all it sound so HAPPY!

    I think this is my favourite. I’m really keen to hear the full album; I hate instant grat tracks and can’t wait to hear this as a whole.
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  10. Fav of the bunch so far!!! These beats remind me of that gabber snippet in Annie’s “Back Together” video.
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  11. Yeah I decided to wait to hear the rest after Ovule dropped. I have a feeling it'll surprise me
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  12. ffffff get his annoying ass!
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  13. I love the version with the guy screaming all over it dddd.
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  14. Issa bop
  15. The version on US Apple Music has the other vocals, too. It is so good. I guess this is the penultimate Pluto, Declare Independence moment in the tracklist.
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  16. This is very interesting (4th image). Fossora already feels more varied even with the clarinets, so I think for the next album we are in for a truly eclectic affair for the first time since Post. Exciting!

    In the second pic she also says Medúlla and Fossora are sister albums in a way.
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  17. I almost started hearing “Alarm Call” during at one point during it.

    Next album or this coming one?
  18. Next one! Fossora is already more eclectic than everything since Medúlla, but still has the clarinets tying it together (and she says it wasn’t even going to have that if it wasn’t for the pandemic). So if she’s truly over this method/process, and there’s nothing holding her back, the next one could be truly diverse.

    Speaking of diversity, the future and this more self-referential era, next year would be a perfect time for a Vol. 2 of Greatest Hits + Family Tree, it has been too long (and she also said in a new interview for Chile that she is a bit tired and doesn’t plan to tour Fossora for now).
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  19. I said in the past that her having a gimmick for an album (only using certain instruments) hurt some songs. I’m glad she’s giving songs exactly what they need and deserve.
  20. Oh oops. Ha. Why did I think Utopia was just an instrumental?
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