Björk - Fossora

Finished the album earlier and it really is her best in years. I appreciate the weight of Vulnicura but it didn't fully connect with me apart from Stonemilker and Black Lake, so as an album this feels like her best and most consistent since Medulla-there's only 3 songs on here that I haven't clicked with yet, and 2 of them were interludes! The production is through the roof, she sounds like she's having a blast, the features feel essential, it's an excellent album overall.

Highlights for me are Allow and Fungal City, but most of all Her Mother's House-potentially one of her best ever?
Forget everything you've read about gabber, clarinets, mushrooms, "finally having fun!!!" or whatever marketing tidbit\personal projection your mind is favoring because the fungal character of Fossora lies in its spreading in many different directions, moods, sounds, themes, speeds... Travelling through the forest underground indeed, popping up here and there.
Based on my first five listens, Her Mother's House is, with no intent of hyperbole, a contender for her top 10 best songs ever.
There are quite a few contenders for me.

When she recently said concepts are gonna be used more loosely now if at all, I felt if she would be honest, she already did that. It is sonically all over the place and there is a cute little mushroom EP in Fossora but there also is a My Mom And Life EP in it and more.

It still feels like an album in its current form. I am beyond thrilled she did something this amazing yet again. I hope many lost fans will find some peace in this album because I feel it is the purest Björk DNA we got in ages.

This is album of the year material.
The title track is great! Definitely shares the same soundscape as "Atopos", but it's actually even more playful. Looking forward to hearing the album in full tomorrow. And I'm not opening this thread until then because of the spoilers dd
Not Trölla-Gabba being an instant highlight for me. Spooky BANGER.

@theincredibleflipper your description of Freefall was spot-on. It's such a Björclassical stunner, but I kinda wish it kept going at the end!
I still feel a bit silly about what I said about Allow but I still feel it is a Björk banger and my hips shake when it comes on.

Victimhood also being that slowly creeping into your brain masterpiece.