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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. How odd.
  2. Up to Victimhood, and this song is the one so far. She found a way to make bass clarinets sound completely evil.
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  3. If I thought the lower range of clarinets in Atopos was powerful, Victimhood amped it up tenfold! I absolutely love the submarine sitting at the bottom of the abyss, suspenseful vibe and it gives me chills
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  4. It’s not odd at all! Vinyl production has to start several months before the intended release date, so Björk had to hand in an early master to be able to meet the deadline. Some of the arrangements on the vinyl master are less rich and there are no beats by sideproject and El Guincho.

    CDs and some of the limited color editions feature the songs as they were intended to be released: full arrangements, all the beats and the extra vocals by Sindri, Dóa and Ican Harem from Gabber Modus Operandi, because they went into production after the album was finalized and before the allegations against Harem were made public.
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  5. Trolla-Gabba is terrifying.

    Wow, how was there no hype for Her Mother's House? This must be one of her most beautiful songs in a while. Freefall is gorgeous, too. The entire second half is killer.
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  6. Do we know which versions of the color vinyl have this?

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  8. I’m waiting for the green vinyl and the deluxe cd. Are those two with the full arrangements etc?
  9. Can't wait for Freefall in my Orkestral date.
  10. Holy shit ‘Her Mother’s House’…

    ‘Freefall’ is also absolutely stunning.
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  11. Why did she have to hand something in? Why not just wait until production was completed? Why put out a release date if you’re not ready? The addition of kids was last minute?
  12. Because it’s the only way to have vinyl ready on release. Otherwise she’d likely waiting until next Spring/Summer.
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  13. I wonder what led to her adding her kids at the last minute. Has she spoken about this? They were an afterthought?
  14. It's not that uncommon for her to be changing things until the last minute... Solstice on Biophilia is actually a live performance from the Manchester Festival that she decided to replace the original studio version with, Allow was supposed to be on Utopia and was even played to journalists but ended up on Fossora instead, etc.
  15. If she does do a re-press, consider your vinyl a collector's edition!

    Also did we see this:

    I do find it interesting that she obviously gives a lot of fungal chic in most promo pics, but the oceanic flavors that were rumored early on certainly seem prevalent too.
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  16. On a newspaper cover with Brazil's iconic soon-to-be-president-again no less!!

    But yeah, I think this album is very... wet. If she described and dressed it as a foggy shore album it would certainly fit just as well.
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  17. HMD


    I can’t believe the album is just one hour away!! I love Fossora (the track) until that last minute… it’s nearly unlistenable to me :(
  18. Not yet! We'll have to wait for all the variants to reach their purchasers. From what I've read and seen, lime green, clear, turquoise and good old black feature the early master.

    It's also possible though it's not a particular color variant that was printed with the definitive version, just that some people got copies from later batches made after the master was revised. We'll see! It's the Björk Money-Eating Roulette.

    Not sure about the vinyl but the people who have already got their CDs reported them as being the full finalized album. You'll probably end up getting both versions!
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  19. Wonder if she would really add it.

  20. She needs to STOP. This is one of my favorite photos from the entire campaign.
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