Björk - Fossora

Not yet! We'll have to wait for all the variants to reach their purchasers. From what I've read and seen, lime green, clear, turquoise and good old black feature the early master.

It's also possible though it's not a particular color variant that was printed with the definitive version, just that some people got copies from later batches made after the master was revised. We'll see! It's the Björk Money-Eating Roulette.

Not sure about the vinyl but the people who have already got their CDs reported them as being the full finalized album. You'll probably end up getting both versions!

Thanks! I’m a little bit lost though, so what’s the best version of the album? The first one (the one on black vinyl) or the other one?

Oh wow. This is exceptional. ‘Her Mother’s House’ finished and I had a little tear in my eyes thinking of my own mother.
This might be the first Bjork album in a very long time where, after just one listen, I love it and want to play it all over again immediately.
I’m so happy this is the case as the last few albums I have really struggled to connect with. I guess I just needed to get embedded in the fungi and mushrooms, who knew?
Double post, just finished my first listen. This is a lot to take in on one go, but this is easily gunning for favorite album since Volta for me. She manages to cram so much into the experience, it’s a gorgeous trip. It would be way too intense for me to actually listen to shrooming, but it gives me such similar vibes. The way it sinks low and swings high. The way there are frightening moments and others that leave you kinda gobsmacked. The way “Her Mother’s House” is absolutely stunning and feels like a breathy sigh during your comedown. That sort of comfort and calm that bubbles up and wraps you in a blanket after the wild trek you’ve just gone through.

Ísadora is used to perfection, by the way; she sounds beautiful paired with her mother.
Why do I find every single picture they are using for magazine covers way better than the album cover?

Oooo that is gorgeous.
They could have possibly milked the fans even more by having different variants with different album covers.

I'm really happy to see others enjoying this album as much as I am. I agree, it's probably the best since Vespertine.

That Pitchfork review is so positive yet they won't give it the score it deserves. They gave 8.6 to Vulnicura and I would argue this album is better than that.
I'm not even done with my first listen yet and I feel like she has found a great balance between experimentation and accessibility - regardless of whether this is a conscious intention or just a natural product of how the album developed. I am enjoying the album way more than I thought I would. Her musical complexity is still there, but I'm finding myself not wanting the album to end, whereas Utopia is rarely ever not a slog to get through for me (I enjoy it in a different way). It's been... ages since I've felt this way about a Björk album on first listen dd. It didn't even happen with Vulnicura, which I ultimately placed quite high on my personal ranking.