Björk - Fossora

I can't not listen to 'Ancestress' without crying, this ain't good for repeat listens but I keep doing it. Beautiful work.
This is where I'm at with Her Mother's House
Her guest vocalists on this are also top notch on their respective tracks. They each bring something different that compliments mjöðer in such a beautiful way, regardless of how their names sounded together on paper. It feels like her art (and actual!) sons and daughters coming to her altar to leave offerings at her feet, as they should.
Vinyl fagurts, mod on the 4um has set the record straight: as of now, all vinyl editions were produced using the early master, regardless of color, while all CD editions and the cassette are confirmed to feature the finalized album (including the Ican Harem’s vocals that were scrubbed from the title track).


Call me crazy but why is this album so hooky? A bunch of random bits and pieces are ingrained in my head and keep popping up randomly throughout the day.

*doing the dishes*
IIIN A WOMAN's... lifetime...
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I tried to pick up the record at a few record shops in Seattle but neither of them had it so I am saving my first full listen later.

On another note, this morning while the students were coming in, I played "Atopos" and the few students that I had were drumming along to the song on their desks and dancing! It totally made my day.