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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Even though I don't buy CDs anymore, I bought the hardcover deluxe CD Book just because it has the finalized version of the album and that guy screaming all over the title track, which I love. Also, she and her team put a lot of work into her physical merch and I genuinely appreciate that. She puts effort into the entire package, and it's all so gorgeous.
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  2. Also, my favorite thing about all the pop girls trying to be creepy and avant-garde over the past 5-6 years is that Bjork still manages to out-creep them effortlessly with a 2 minute track tucked in near the end of the album. She's truly on her own level.
  3. Between Atopos, Victimhood, and Trölla-Gabba, Ms. B was clearly in the mood to make some hoe-scaring music this time around and I thank her for it.
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  4. Freefall is THE ONE for me. Stunning.
  5. I really wanted to hear that version you guys are speaking of.
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  6. Here you go:
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  7. It's a Bjork album. A softer remix of the past two, for me. She's never really been my fav and that's fine.

    Ancestress is stop-you-in-your-tracks stunning though.
  8. Typically, there's postal strikes so I've yet to receive my vinyl but I am continually listening to this via Spotify and whenever it finishes I'm ready to go again. This has so much replay value and so much to unearth (no pun intended).

    It's nice that I feel like Bjork is a little more accessible again, a bit like Tori Amos was with her recent record.
  9. With the postal strikes I have yet had a chance to feel and see Fossora and have had Bjork's new album on repeat via Spotify.

    I have absolutely adore Bjork’s new album Fossora. It sounds earthy, delicate and its purity is stunning. It feels very familiar, like a dear old friend who you haven’t seen for a while. After a few minutes it is as if you have never been a part and you are beaming with so much joy, happiness and love.

    I have no idea why but every time I listen to Allow I become all emotional and teary.
  10. Thanks for that, were any other album tracks different from the versions on streaming?
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  11. Am I the only one who thinks this album is not that accessible comparing to Utopia?
    Don't get me wrong, I keep listening the whole package since it's release and that's another wonderful experience and a good addition to her discography. I love how layers unfold every listen.

    But I remember how I felt on my first listen of Utopia. I was mesmerized right off the bat. I have a thing for violins and flutes - with that in mind, both Vulnicura and Utopia clicked immediately for me.

    This album contains playful, sorrowful, uncanny and chaotic moments and all of these are different kind of serves. I enjoyed every second of the album and I realized, this album needs to be listened whole package. Standalone singles doesn't deliver the whole album's cohesive atmosphere and that's okay, let's give her some album streams money ddd

    The title track Fossora is the top moment and definitely my favorite on the album. I love how she sounds realistically happy and hopeful (a stark contrast to dreamcore happiness hysteria of Utopia) on this record. Sorrowful Soil, Ancestress and Her Mother's House on the other hand, she keeps wanting our teardrops - girl stop I just want to enjoy :'(

    Fungal City, Freefall and Allow hits different, Mycelia is a great counterpart to Vespertine's Frosti, Victimhood is hard to digest but definitely worth feeling. What a great album!
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  12. I was checking and compiled a list songs that she hasn't performed live in a long time (last performance in parenthesis) and/or would fit the sonic palette of this album on a hypothetical tour:

    Earth Intruders (2008)
    Innocence (2008)
    The Dull Flame of Desire (2008)
    Triumph of a Heart (2008)
    Vökuró (2008)
    My Juvenile (2008) 1x
    Mother Heroic (2007)
    It's In Our Hands (2005)
    An Echo, a Stain (2003)
    Alarm Call (1999)
    The Modern Things (1999)
    Headphones (1998)
    Big Time Sensuality (1997)
    Enjoy (1997)
    Charlene (1996)
    Atlantic (1994)
    There's More to Life Than This (1994) Unrealistic but it would be an absolute kii

    There are also some songs that she has never performed live, period:

    Domestica (Would be amazing since this was her pandemic album and it's a song about getting ready to go outside)
    Foot Soldier
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  13. “An Echo, A Stain” into “Victimhood” would be absolutely terrifying and must happen.
  14. She hasn't performed Big Time Sensuality since 1997?! I know she isn't really a "play the hits" kind of artist but that's a bit shocking
  15. Too melodic.
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  16. To be fair it's the only Greatest Hits song to have been abandoned like that, her setlists are not that obscure. There's always at least 2 or 3 crowd pleasers, even Venus as a Boy got revived in the past few years.
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  17. I reckon we’ll get things like Where Is The Line and Vertebrae by Vertebrae again… but given she’s paid Biophilia dust since that era and it fits this era’s theming, I expect at least Moon or Cosmogony maybe coming back. It should be Crystalline but I doubt she’ll do it.
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  18. Oh, given the themes I actually think it's Hollow's turn ddd
    Good for me, out of her more obtuse songs it's one of my favorites. Use the beats from the 16bit remix, möm!
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  19. I hear ‘The Anchor Song’ in the phrasing of the verses in ‘Her Mother’s House’ (and naturally in the woodwind instrumental).
  20. Does anyone know how many copies of the HMV lime green vinyl there were? My preorder got cancelled and the store have a copy coming in this week, but they won’t let me preorder it.
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