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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. They’re the same color, it’s just not opaque. But that’s the risk we take with mock-ups. But yeah, figured they’d look like this, which is pointless if you have the Vulnicura vinyl.

    Glad I got the Burgundy one in the end after seeing the photos of the other variants.
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  2. Vinyl in scamming shocker
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  3. HMD


    When Ovule came out it was a total disappointment.
    Now I’m going around the house singing the ‘Aaaaan. Oooooval. Oooovule.’ bit on repeat and hearing that brass non stop inside my head.
    And that’s fine.
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  4. Stopping whatever I do around 3000 times a day just to say Fuse Alloy, Ship Ahoy.
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  5. The hostilityyy
    A broken heart endures

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  6. What I love about Fossora compared to Utopia is how grandiose everything feels. It sounds rich, the production is marvelous, there are layers upon layers and tons of catchy moments. A home run.
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  7. This isn’t a great album at all to me but it has a few very great songs:


    Ovule is good enough. The rest I don’t even care. I wish Allow and Fungal city would have been buried in Utopia
  8. Not really a problem, but they look more yellow than lime in person.
  9. I think you mean

  10. Yes, join the “Ovule” stan club, sistren!
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  11. 'Mycelia' is too short.
  12. Allow is gorgeous and comes at just the right time in the album's tracklisting
  13. I wonder if we’re gonna start getting some good remixes soon.
  14. I thought at first blush that #6 would be disappointing.... then I looked at her discography and realized she hasn't had a top ten album in the UK since Volta! Utopia didn't even make the top 20. Regardless of her longtime drift towards the, um, less melodic, that still seems outrageously low for a legend of her caliber.
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  15. I imagine she makes more money off collector's editions (with tuning forks!) and touring, so actual album sales are irrelevant at this point. She is an icon and has progressed beyond the need for such trivial matters!
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  16. Me since 2011:
  17. Excuse you, she's had some major gems--especially some of the Biophilia reworks.

    Legitimately one of my favorite remixes ever.
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  18. This wants a word:

  19. I said 'since'! [/phiphiohara]

    Yeah there's some cute Biophilia ones. Mostly just the Omar Souleyman mix though.

    Vulnicura's though... definitely I thought it was dull, I...hated the beat.
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  20. Bangerina!

    Also I have to admit I don't return to the Vulnicura-era remixes that often but Forest Swords' 45-minute take on Stonemilker is staggering

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