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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Pretty much all the Biophilia remixes are great, but everything since then has been pretty boring.
  2. Give us "Trölla-Gabba" remixed Mimi-style with a newly recorded vocal line laid on top just for kicks.
  3. Sorrowful Soil

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  4. You did well, you, you did your best
    Wеll, you did your best (You did, you did it well)
    You did, did, di-di-di-did well
    You did, did, di-di-di-di-di-di well
    You di-di-di-di-did well
    You did well
  5. I just got around to listening to Trolla-Gabba and it's really giving


    I'm scared, girls!
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  6. In a woman's lifetiiiiiime

    She gets...

    Four hundred EGGS!

  7. I'm still processing and fossoring into the soundground, but I agree with the comments that the second album half is superior. This album has replay value for sure.
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  8. The visuals this era... wow.
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  9. I’ve gone back to Volta and it’s much better than i remembered it
  10. They are exquisite and magnificent especially the red outfits.

    I cannot wait to Fossora in a live setting to be immersed fully in the Fossora experience. A multi-stage show like the Alexandra Palace show from 2013 would be amazing.
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  11. Didn't she already say she isn't planning to tour this one?
  12. It would be a shame for her not to do at least a few shows. Another stripped back show like this one from 2001. It is one of the best ever concerts I have seen. It truly was a magical evening and so very special.

    Maybe a one-off evening in Iceland in the summer. An outdoor gig on 21 June 2023 for midsummer would be perfect.
  13. OMG you went!! Dream show, I wish I could've been there, along with the Brodsky Quartet Union Chapel gigs. I'd be well up for a chapel tour!
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  14. She never did.

    She even said in an interview to a Chilean newspaper that she intends to tweak Cornucopia to include Fossora tracks as well.

    With the last remnants of pre-COVID obligations being fulfilled in March, she will likely tour Fossora during/for the European festival season, so start saving money now!
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  15. The fact that my Primavera date is the first one with this alleged mix* of Orkestral + Cornucopia + Fossora tracks so I have no idea what the setlist will be… I’m fearing for my life.

    *La islandesa aterrizará con un espectáculo que, según ella misma adelanta, hermana dos mundos. O, en rigor, los últimos dos montajes con los que ha girado.
  16. I'm sure she did at some point. I didn't just make it up.
  17. It was me who posted about that, but I had heard the claim from someone else too, I didn't have a direct source! I think they just assumed this wouldn't get a new tour because she mentioned including the songs in Cornucopia.
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  19. And I would do it again

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