Björk - Fossora

Yes she did not come out for the encore last night which I found strange.
I hope she isn’t coming down with something, she has two more shows to do this week.
Her performance last night was great, but I felt her stage presence was a bit off? She seemed really agitated throughout the show.
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Has this album done well by Bjork’s standards? I know tons of diehard Bjork fans and they’re pretty much silent these days. They were more animated for Utopia than Fossora and Utopia really seemed to divide people.
Has this album done well by Bjork’s standards?

Marginally, but it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It definitely got a bit more chatter from fans who might have dropped out over the past two eras, and has had a little bit of alt radio play, but ultimately she's plateaued to a point where a hardcore group will buy every album and that means she can budget accordingly I guess. Which maybe means less flashy videos, fewer remixes, and a tighter campaign.

Ultimately given the strength of her back catalogue and star power she'll always be able to tour regardless of if casuals are buying whichever current album is out.
Didn't she say Fossora was the ending of a trilogy? If so, I hope we get something new much sooner. I enjoy Fossora a lot more than I anticipated although I must say I haven't gone back for repeated listens as much as I thought I would.