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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. The way I instantly identified what song that was dddddddddd. My brain worms.
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  2. Ok but when she covers this...

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  3. She has been fond of the slower start with big finish throughout… Hyperballad, Pluto, Declare Independence, Mutual Core et al.
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  4. I’ve never realised until now how uncanny Bloem’s voice sounds like Bjork’s.
  5. After Biophilia - Utopia all being somewhat slower-paced and avant-garde, I'd welcome a switch up in tempo and ideas. I really hope this album brings it. I have faith.

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  6. Bjork send Not like other gays to G-A-Y Late challenge.
  7. Every album other than Biophilia & Vulnicura Strings have disappeared from streaming services…
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  8. Weird, they’re all up for me
  9. Same
  10. Gone for me as well (UK).
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  11. LTG


    Mount Wittenberg Orca’s still up. Me listening to On and Ever Onward all day:

  12. Is this the Björk equivalent of a pop girl wiping her Instagram before announcing a new era? That said they're all still on Spotify for me too.
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  13. A&E


    Looks like it's just UK, Ireland and Iceland. I'd assume the rights are being transferred or contracts are being renewed (or something like that) and that the albums will be back up everywhere soon.
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  14. Imagine a world where Biophilia and Vulnicura Strings are the only two Björk albums in existence.
  15. Vulnicura Strings would still justify her record contract and Biophilia has some moments.
  16. Mjöđer is getting ready to drop her surprise album, BJÖRKÉ is coming!

  17. No.
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  18. She is such a tease, leaving us just the crumbs of her discography to fight over and laughing.
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  19. She has taste taking her music off UK streaming. We don’t deserve it teebs
  20. Debut, Post and Homogenic are also all on Tidal.
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