Björk - Fossora

Five more years of this thread until a new album gets announced in 2028.

For me, Vulnicura starts off really strong but then I get bored during Black Lake and the rest sort of meanders along.

Utopia is too long. There's a solid 8/9 track album in there... somewhere.

Fossora was the first time in a long time where I enjoyed almost every song on first listen. I have to say, I haven't revisited the album at all though since about 2 weeks after it came out. So, although I thought it was good, it didn't grip me enough to keep hitting repeat.
I mean...Fossora has some of her most accessible songs in years. I think its much easier to get into than Utopia (which suffers from its second half) or Vulnicura.
Atopos and Fossora are great but the rest bar Victimhood (difficult to listen but interesting) is either something we already know form her or just not really good. I really love the cohesiveness of her albums. Even post with all its wonderful chaos feels more coherent then the most recent outputs. Each of her latest albums have highlights but many parts are self indulgent. Honestly it’s not even about having more accessible songs form me but rather a fully rounded project. Vulnicura is the closest to what I mean but it’s subject makes it a difficult listen (still a good one). Atopos was making me hopeful but the full album is not ok to me
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If anyone is interested, let me know.