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Dd sorry, when we ban someone their messages, posts, and any other remaining traces are instantly GONE. We can essentially make sure that someone never has record that they were part of this site.

Someone was being extremely Zionist, transphobic, and...gross. They're gone now as we got like, eight reports in the space of like, ten minutes.


What is this?
This was the original for the format

While we are impatiently waiting:
#Björk on Rosalía: "I heard Rosalía first album, where she was singing flamenco, maybe five years ago. I loved it. I was obsessed with it and listened to it nonstop. And I contacted her through Pablo [Díaz-Reixa], he’s called El Guincho, and he works with her. So the next time I came to Barcelona, I met with them and Arca. So we were hanging out, the four of us; that was quite cute. I think we talked about recording something, but it has to be the right time and the right song."
"Oral" will premiere via video, so it can be assumed that's the reason the release was postponed more than once even if the song has been ready to go for a bit (another reason is the ancient custom prescribing Björk's releases to have mysterious roll-outs with inscrutable inner logics, tradition is important).

I always hope for surprises but the rumors say the video is in the animated\AI\"no budget for actual filming"\"great digital avatars, beautiful digital avatars" realm.