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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I just drafted a post the other day joking she has never actually re-released her albums in the traditional sense, you know 2CD+DVD type affairs. (Don't tell One Little Indian.)

    Meanwhile this is the 141st version (or whatever, Discogs) released of Debut.
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  2. Well she did the dual discs Surrounded box set back in 2006, with albums in 5.1 and the videos from each of then. Nont really a traditional "Deluxe" release with b-sides etc but it's not that far from that

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  3. Am I alone in thinking these thoughts;

    1. Medulla is criminally underrated (apart from maybe 2 really weird songs, the rest is up there with some of her best written material)
    2. Biophilia sucks (I just don't enjoy it)
    3. Volta is over-looked. It's not her strongest album but it's the last album where I really got excited (especially Wanderlust, Earth Intruders - just great songs)
    4. Selmasongs is a great Bjork album
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  4. Medúlla is a great album, I love it, it's her most difficult to get into, but also such a reward when it 'clicks', it's bleak, organic and primordial and has tons of beatiful melodies (I love the choir in Oceania), that booklet was not the tea though.

    Selmasong has New World, which is one of Björk best songs (plus Vince Mendoza is amazing, like his work with Joni Mitchell)

    Biopgilia has such a terrible mixing, compared to the singles, the songs gets bland, why did she switch it up is a mystery to me
  5. biophilia has some of her most beautiful ballads on it...

    and i am still absolutely in love with crystalline and its chaotic drumcore-fadout (give us more of that, please!!!)
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  6. Hugely over-looked, it's a great album, Wanderlust, is epic. "Peel off the layers, until you get to the core" is such an amazing chorus lyric. The clipping synths at the end like two ships communicating as well, her mind.
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  7. My pride and joy and also my first ever purchase from Discogs!
  8. LTG


    I love the Modeselektor remixes of Dull Flame of Desire.
  9. I’d love a proper video collection and a proper b-side collection.

    But I guess we get Debut Flute Version, Medulla The Video VHS Box and a 7 hours Isobel Arca remix split over 14 vinyls first.
  10. Ha, I know. What was the point?
  11. There's already been a few video compilations along the years, but a b-sides album is definitely overdue
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  12. I have it too and it's gorgeous!
  13. Late to the B-Side discussion but my trinity would probably be Karvel, Sod Off and I Go Humble!

    I have a soft spot for Batabid, of all things, too. It's so cute and dreamy.
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  14. I’d quite like some vinyl repressings for one of the #tbt’s if they’re continuing, especially the earlier singles

    Human Behaviour 12"
    Venus As A Boy 7"
    Play Dead 12"
    Big Time Sensuality 12"
    Violently Happy 12"
    Army Of Me 2x12" Promo
    Enjoy 12"
    Possibly Maybe 12"
    Bachelorette 12"s (both of them

    The Best Mixes From The Debut

    It also wouldn’t hurt to repress the Crystalline series on CD/Vinyl while they’re at it, especially considering most of the CDs were destroyed in a fire!
  15. Cassettes too! My Burger Buddy tape player continues to be a worthwhile investment.
  16. Yes, I am aware of that, but an artist like Björk should have a definite video collection. The last one was ages ago and everything is everywhere, but there is no nice grouping. Instead of cashing in with cassettes the should produce a proper art book with a video compilation and earn the big bucks.
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  17. wow there's even a cassette bundle, where you get all 9 of them for £69.99

    best Bjork b-side by miles and miles and miles is So Broken, which should 100% been on Homogenic
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  18. I know this is one of the main album criticisms, but honestly? The only track I've ever felt is completely out of place with Vulni's narrative is Mouth Mantra. Since Atom Dance feels like a saccharine moment of joy after the initial pain has started to subside, and Quicksand is coming back to the roots, to the mother figure, and such or maybe I'm just trying to justify my dislike for MM
  19. I already bought all of her albums on coloured vinyl even though I don’t own a LP player. I will NOT buy the beautiful looking cassettes!!! (cut to me buying the whole bundle later today)
  20. I always liked Domestica. It's silly but I love it.
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