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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I adore So Broken but it wouldn't have fit the vibe at all. It's an oddity in her oeuvre.
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  2. So Broken is me after I got drunk later tonight and bought the fucking cassettes.
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  3. The performance on Jools Holland of 'So Broken' is outstanding.
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  4. When people ask me what's so special about her voice I send them that.
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  5. Not cassette releases

    Mother needs money fags! Whip out your visas
  6. nn Wait, the Vespertine one is so cute

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  7. These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Alarm Call".

    • UK 12" single #1
    1. "Alarm Call" (Bjeck Mix) – 6:25
    2. "Alarm Call" (Rhythmic Phonetics Mix)* – 5:18
    3. "Alarm Call" (Speech Therapy Mix)* – 6:04
    • UK 12" single #2
    1. "Alarm Call" (Enough Is Enough Mix)** – 3:37
    2. "Alarm Call" (Rise and Shine Mix)** – 2:25
    3. "All Is Full of Love" (All Is Full of Lies Mix)** – 3:25
    • UK 12" single #3
    1. "Alarm Call" (Reprosession Mix) – 7:45
    2. "So Broken" (DJ Krust Mix) – 8:13
    • UK 12" single #4
    1. "Alarm Call" (Alan Braxe & Ben Diamond Remix) – 5:31
    2. "Alarm Call" (Teasmade Dub) – 5:50
    3. "Alarm Call" (Alan Braxe & Ben Diamond Edit) – 4:31
    • UK 12" single #5
    1. "Alarm Call" (Radio Mix) – 3:20
    2. "Alarm Call" (Album Version) – 4:19
    3. "Alarm Call" (Snooze Button Mix) – 7:12
    4. "Hunter (Moodswing Remix) – 3:02

    Remember when I bought these for vinyl-only mixes and I don't even care for the song? I'm doing much better now, thanks.
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  8. I'm seeing Cornucopia in less than a week and my healed chest wound is turning more and more into a gate by the minute.
  9. You should get some cream for that.
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  10. This was a nice find

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  11. How do people rate Vulnicura vs. Utopia? They feel very pt.1 and pt2. to me. Oddly, I think it took me longer to get into Utopia, even though Vulnicura is a more challenging listen.

    Out of the two, I'd say Utopia is the one I go back to more and enjoy more. Vulnicura I like things here and there but rarely listen to it as a whole.
  12. Vulnicura is miles above Utopia to me. I rarely listen to the latter these days, I feel that the album in general didn't age too well
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  13. Utopia is the only Bjork album that never completely swept me away
  14. Stonemilker, Lionsong, Notget and Black Lake are such incredible songs, that Vulnicura is always going to win this battle. I appreciate Utopia‘s warmth (, Björk), weirdness and ambition but I also feels a little bloated.
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  15. I certainly appreciate Vulnicura but...I like the first 40 seconds of Arisen My Senses more than anything on that album
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  16. It only came out at the end of 2017....
  17. And this year and a half has been enough to make me stop coming back to it almost completely, which doesn't happen to me with her albums that often. I'll still listen to Losss and BM every now and then though
  18. Body Memory is absolutely my favourite here. Could have taken Atom Dance’s place Vulnicura.
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  19. 5 Years will never, ever not absolutely decimate me. From the crunchy percussion, to the simply synth loop, to her practically barking, and then that gorgeous moment of strings and light vocals in the middle.

    And not to mention the message; the song seems to be consistently relatable and apt for my life.
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