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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. All of this. To me, the minute-long outro is one of Homogenic's finest moments
  2. I like 5 Years, because you can feel her spitting at you.
  3. LTG


    Björkanne the Scammer strikes again

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  4. I want to have them all but in the end I just bought the poster for Homogenic.
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  5. The post is gone, also from Instagram. What was it?
  6. LTG


    £65 album cover posters.
  7. Excuse me but I have to laugh.
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  8. Thanks to the good sis @dodoriazarbon, I've started to explore Bjork's discography. I've always wanted to get into her, and 2020 seemed like the perfect time. I've only listened to Debut so far, but whew, it honestly still sounds so fresh. If you told me some of the songs had been released in the last 5 years, I'd believe you.
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  9. Jealous of you for getting to experience these incredible albums all like new. I wouldn't give up the memories I have with them for anything, but as they say there's nothing like your first time...
  10. My first proper dip into the world of Björk was so fantastic. I somehow started listening to Volta and went all the way to the beginning after and because of it. What a pleasure it all was.

    Volta has a very special place in my heart. I obviously see why people aren't to crazy about it but it was my gate into her world.

    And not knowing that much more about her many things were already overwhelming. It may have helped it was kind of an easy Björk album. It and Debut gave me enough of a warning without scaring me away.

    She is one of a kind and probably my favourite artist ever.
  11. Oh you would, would you?
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. It's been far too long since I listened to Homogenic. Electronics were deeply unfashionable in 1997 and for that album to still sound so fresh is really quite a feat.
  14. So glad! You’ll love Post for sure too and Homogenic is basically the original trilogy concluded (with Homogenic blowing your socks off). Vespertine is AS good in its own way of course but is decidedly in “Phase 2” for me, if that makes sense?
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  15. I got into her in 2002 watching early morning Rage when I was a sixteen year old stoner. They played Joga and I was immediately curious and then the next week they played All Is Full Of Love and I was fucking done. I only knew her as the “Oh So Quiet” girl so I downloaded Homogenic immediately and very quickly melted into everything from the Sugarcubes to Dancer in the Dark.

    The music you get into at the peak of puberty will move you, change you and stay with you until you die. Thank fuck mine was Bjork. She was and remains my favourite musical and visual artist of all time and I feel so fucking blessed.
  16. You all have me excited to delve deeper into her discography. I knew her from It's Oh So Quiet, obviously, but she mostly passed me by for whatever reason.

    Will update once I've listened to Post.
  17. Post was the first Bjork album I started with on my discovery journey and for that I think it remains my favourite by her. The album just clicked with me, so many highlights that still resonate, Possibly Maybe, Isobel, Enjoy, Hyper Ballad, Army of Me, uh, what an album.
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  18. It's always a tough battle between "Post" and "Homogenic" as my favorite Björk album.
    I guess it depends on the mood, but both are equally excellent and contain several career highlights.
  19. Say goodbye to your life before you listen to Homogenic and Vespertine.
  20. Medúlla, Vespertine and Selmasongs are top tier. Homogenic has an incredible first half that peters away somewhat on side 2. As indeed does Post. Debut is charming but not representative. And that covers her entire solo discography, I believe.
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