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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. The first four albums plus the Greatest Hits to cap it off is a perfect stretch. Of couse, I enjoyed a lot of the output that followed, then "Utopia" happened, and well... there's always the next one to look forward to!
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  2. Biophilia was my first era as a fully fledged fan and it was definitely a tough album to get into. Vulnicura was breath of fresh air though.
  3. LTG



    You once you dive into more Björk
  4. I always found value and beauty in her post Vespertine output, but didn’t know she had Vulnicura left in her. Fucking hell. I was flayed, shook, proud, devastated, enlightened and dead in 2015. Mother bitch mauled me like the bear in The Revenant
  5. Absolutely. I got Debut on my 12th birthday and stuck with her music all through high school. I'd loved other artists/albums before, but she was my first real fandom. I joined my first online forum because of her ( represent!) and the music I discovered there has shaped my taste to this day. There are so many bands I still love that I might never have gotten into (at least at that important time in my life) if it weren't for that place and Bjork's own influence.
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  6. Homogenic was my first Björk album after I heard Pluto on Yahoo! Music’s Launch internet radio (RIP) and I haven’t looked back since. What a woman.
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  7. She's the reason I have a vegvísir tattoo, and I think that explains my feelings on mah Icelandic queen.

  8. Thoughts on Wanderlust? The song which got me obsessed.
  9. It's alright, eh? I was always more into "Innocence".
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    I think I researched Björk after seeing It’s Oh So Quiet on the music channels. Downloaded Volta cause it was the most recent album, and Homogenic because it was described as “cathartic” on the iTunes review.

    A stan was born.
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  11. Was pleasantly surprised to hear Big Time Sensuality on Radio 2 last night!
  12. It's really good and when it's hits that wonderful chorus, it sounds very triumphant. I find it underrated.
    "Volta" in general is quite underrated; "Declare Independence", "Earth Intruders", "The Dull Flame of Desire", "Innocence", "Vertebræ by Vertebræ" and "Hope" all range from great to amazing.

    "Pluto" was the song that made me listen to Björk's discography a few years ago, apart from my general interest in her as an artist from what I've heard of.
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  13. OG Sugarcube stan here.
    Birthday was my first Bjöp.
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  14. Two songs into Post and ... Army of Me followed by Hyper-ballad? Wig.

  15. Actual footage of me in highschool after listening to Post on a whim because ‘Army of Me’ was on the Tank Girl soundtrack. I was never the same!
  16. I've paused Post to check out some of the music videos. Muffy sis, the visuals.

    Army of Me reminds me of something you'd hear during a Mako rector raid in Final Fantasy VII. I'm obsessed.
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  17. The Fluke mix?
  18. The original.
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  19. I echo the statement that the artists you discover during your teenage/formative years, tend to stay with you your entire life. Björk burst into my life when I was 15 and I never looked back.

    First ever listen? Army Of Me, during a thunderstorm. The combo of the weather, my young age and the sheer anger/rage in her voice made me legit feel as though, by the final chorus, she was gonna jump out from under my bed with a knife. Needless to say, I was hooked.
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  20. My first ever listen was also Army of Me, the music video on VH1. I was just "discovering" pop music, music videos, etc and it fascinated me. Then for some unknown reason I started listening with Volta and it took me a long time to get into anything other than Earth Intruders and Declare Independence.
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