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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. One of her very, very best. The added electronics on the Volta tour elevate it even further.
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  2. Agreed, I fell in love with the song when I watched the Volta Tour on Sky Arts, the electronic percussion during the chorus really slaps in the live mix and I live for it.
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  3. Wanderlust is great on record but (even tho I haven't been there in person) live it sounds divine
  4. This has probably been asked several times already. Forgive me.

    I am going to Iceland for a few weeks. I am taking this moment to finally dive into her discography. That atmosphere should make it a thrilling experience. I already heard Homogenic before as it was in a rate. But all the other albums are entirely new to me. Which order would be preferred then for a newbie like me?
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  5. If you already listen Homogenic and like it, the order is probably :
    Post - Vespertine - Debut - Vulnicura - Medulla - Utopia - Biophilia - Volta

    Post and Vespertine to me are very close to Homogenic in terms of sounds and time release.
    Debut is accessible enough after that.
    Vulnicura and Medulla have soft earthy soundscape that Homogenic has, but less accessible.
    Utopia is similiar to Vulnicura with prominent flutes and longer tracklist.
    Biophilia and Volta are crazier and more manic than what Bjork usually do.
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  6. Roll around on a black sandy beach to Notget. Boom.
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  7. LTG


    Pussy pop to Cvalda
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  8. Thankyou! I know from Volta Earth Intruders. Honestly a massive bop!

    I take it Notget and Cvalda are song titles ddd. I am ready to roll around and pussy pop to these when I get back.
  9. Tik Toking to Triumph of a heart.
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  10. Falling asleep to Vulnicura.
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  11. Vulnicura kind of loses the plot for tracks 7 and 8, but the first 6 work perfectly, and 9 is a great closer.
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  12. Vulnicura is not flawless, but it is a return to me thinking of Björk albums as masterpieces. Utopia continued this.
  13. Vulnicura is my favorite out of her three last albums. Biophilia had too much empty space (even though it's grown a lot on me since release) and Utopia is a bit all over the place to my ears and I still can't get over the looping melodies
  14. Well someone's never taken amyl to Family and gotten a cock inserted
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  15. I *much* prefer the Haxan Cloak mix of Mouth Mantra. It should have been the album version. Atom Dance can fuck off though. I think Body Memory works better in its place. But I agree. The album is as close to a masterpiece as she’s reached, and is up there with Vespertine and Homogenic as her holy trinity.
  16. I love "Atom Dance" ddddd
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  17. Homogenic and Vespertine have literal nature sounds from Iceland in the mix so those two are probably the closest ones to the Iceland "feel". Their B-sides are also better than anything released post-Volta oop. Post is the poppiest overall.
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  18. Homogenic is music perfection.

    Cannot fault the album.
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  19. Are there certain b-sides you recommend. Hopefully they are on spotify.
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  20. Well...


    but also

    There are a lot of b-sides for the first four albums. Those four above are the first faves that come to mind from Homogenic and Vespertine, but there are many B-bops from Post too

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