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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Ah. Well Verandi was clearly obvious ddd. Thanks!
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  2. Best Bjork b-side is Domestica and that’s on periöd.
  3. My favorite Vespertine B-Sides are Domestica (which was at one point the title track for the album) and Generous Palmstroke, which was a highlight during the tour:

    But they are all fantastic and add some meat to the album if you wanna make an expanded version playlist, since some of them have a more "outside", bolder, louder feel that breaks from the tiny, quiet domestic atmosphere.

    I love having Domestica as the last track, the character looking for her keys and finally leaving the home. This is the tracklist I use (B-Sides in blue):

    1. Hidden Place
    2. Cocoon
    3. It's Not Up to You
    4. Undo
    5. Pagan Poetry
    6. Frosti
    7. Aurora
    8. Verandi
    9. Foot Soldier

    10. An Echo, a Stain
    11. Generous Palmstroke
    12. Amphibian
    13. Mother Heroic

    14. Sun In My Mouth
    15. Batabid
    16. It's In Our Hands

    17. Heirloom
    18. Harm of Will
    19. Unison
    20. Domestica
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  4. Let me make a playlist before going. Cause I can't remember all of this.
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  5. By far her best B-side, if you ask me:

    The emotions hit even harder once you learn the story behind it.
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  6. The run from Stonemilker to Notget on Vulnicura is just perfection.

    It floors me every time I listen to it.

    I still can’t really get into the final 3 songs, but that run alone is enough for me to consider the album “up there” with Vespertine and Homogenic.

    Utopia is also really great. Her four best albums.
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  7. I adore 'Generous Palmstroke', but the live version is so much better.
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  8. Foot Soldier, it has some great beats kind of reminds me of early 00s Plyastation videogames music mixed with harps and has this super mysterious feeling.
  9. God Scary is so fucking good. I love the harpsichord
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  10. Oh, I almost forgot this B-side gem from "Post":
  11. Man Post era artwork is just... *icelandic chef's kiss*
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  12. Playing an UK exclusive orchestra show at something called Blue Dot festival.
  13. Stage diving to Sue me.
  14. I would love to but I don’t know if 180 Pounds is the price tag this is worth. Especially seeing a nice but not breathtaking line up. Let’s see if the offer day tickets later on.

    But reading UK Festival exclusive gets me a bit hopeful that this will may happen at other festivals too.
  15. Which current artists are the early Bjork-type-figure of their generation?

    I get a similar singularity and fearlessness from Billie Eilish who is embraced by indie and pop audiences in that way.
  16. People will undoubtedly say FKA Twigs but there's a real lack of warmth, humour and pop sensibility for me in most of her work, which Bjork had in spades in her early eras.

    I could definitely see Billie having a similar trajectory to Bjork, even though they're obviously very different artists. I'm crazy excited to see what kind of music and art she's making when she's in her 20s, 30s, 40s.
  17. Can someone please explain how the hell I have missed this I Feel Love absolute banger of a remix by Mark Bell / LFO (who very sadly passed away in 2014). I think he was probably Björks greatest collaborator. I found this on a Japanese CD single that I found yesterday trawling Reckless Records in Soho. It's also much cheaper if you get one of the European CD singles releases, wasn't on the UK 2CD set.

    Bjork Hyperballad [Disco Sync Mix by LFO]!

  18. I just spent a fuck ton of money to see her in Moscow this summer! Hope she doesn't cancel on us again ddd
  19. Queen is featured in the ‘Electronic’ exhibition at The Design Museum in London.

    Anyone been? The flyer makes it sound really good.

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