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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Has anyone infos about her tour dates regarding the actual covid situation? Will we get refunds, will the dates be pushed back?
  3. girl...
  4. I laughed so hard when I read that.
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  5. Things like this are very subjective. For my ears, Biophilia and Volta would have taken the lowest positions.

    The top four felt pretty on-point as a summary of her best work, although I would have put them in a slightly different order.
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  6. We have decided to stan forever. <3
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  7. It’s hard for me to place her albums in order, I have a clear top 5 but they switch around depending on my mood.
    I do think Homogenic is her masterpiece though.
    I always thought Biophilia was my least favourite but I played it the other day and loved it.
    Björk has made zero bad albums, fact.
  8. Medúlla? Her worst?
  9. I’m revisiting the Surrounded boxset this week and as always it’s pure bliss.
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  10. Homegenic is her best for me, followed by Post.
    Least favourite: Utopia (not a fan of flutes), Biophilia and Medulla.
  11. Homogenic

    For me. But I mean... there is no bad Bjork album. Volta is probably less 'worthy' than the two I listed below it, but personal enjoyment comes first.
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  12. Me trying to remember the name of the Jazz album she did before Debut

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  13. Homogenic / Vespertine

    Drawing Restraint 9 (it does have some cool ideas, but it's a soundtrack so... I am not sure if I would even include it in her albums, same with Selmasongs)
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  14. If we're doing this...

    1. Homogenic (10)
    2. Medulla (10)
    3. Post (10)
    4. Vespertine (9.5)
    5. Vulnicura (9)
    6. Biophilia (8.5)
    7. Debut (8)
    8. Utopia (7.5)
    9. Volta (7)

    These rankings are only determined by the pitchforky scores I gave to show how close they really are. All of these albums are different degrees of good because they're so carefully crafted and conceptually solid (even Volta, which is the weakest on the latter front, has a common thread running through it).
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  15. For me I'd rank the works as


    but the Utopia-Debut stretch switches places often
  16. I know Drawing Restraint 9 is more mood piece than album, but I do fuck with "Gratitude" quite a bit.
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  17. My absolute favorite has to be Vespertine, B-Sides included.

    Next would be Medúlla, which may have one or two clunky moments but is her best attempt at being experimental and innovative while also being highly catchy and easy to get into (it’s also her best album cover / photoshoot).

    Then right afterwards would come a tie between the “untouchable classics” duo, Homogenic and Post (astronomical highs but for some reason not very exciting as album concepts / experiences for me), and the divisive duo, Biophilia and then Volta, the latter being her most underrated album, in my opinion.

    I find the first part of Vulnicura to be asolutely great, but the last 3 songs don’t do much at all for me, which really drags it down as an album. Debut is a very cute, well dressed girl. Utopia is the first album where I just don’t have the patience for a lot of it. The concept of an album full of birdsong, woodwind and electronics sounded way more beautiful on paper than it ended up materializing, unfortunately.
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  18. Aw, I like Gling-Glo. It’s a significant outlier in her discography, but...Björk doing jazz standards in Icelandic? I stan the layers alone
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