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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. "Homogenic" artwork is one of the most iconic and striking album covers I've ever seen. Pure art.

    It goes without saying that (almost) all of her album covers are fantastic.
  2. In many ways, homogenic feels like her last flirtation with pop. While I understand her need for progress, as a pop fan, I’m saddened by it.
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  3. Vespertine is just as "pop" as Homogenic though.
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  4. Some days it can be. It’s such a mood though, and I respect that.

    While we’re here, I love literally everything from Debut to Selmasongs.
    This does sound amazing and it’s what the hype led us to believe was coming. The first time I listened to Volta I was like... great gowns, beautiful gowns.
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  5. It’s likely a personal thing, but as much as I found Verspertine pleasant, it didn’t connect with me as deeply as her first three albums (disregarding the remix albums). Maybe I should give it another go.
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  6. Volta is so unfairly maligned. First Björk campaign I experienced in real time. And this is such a gut punch dddd
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  7. - Still detest that cover art for ruining the sequencing.
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  8. I’m having a Björk week - purchasing vinyls, listening to all the albums, doing bits of reading, etc.

    The Pitchfork review for Vespertine is garbage!
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  9. I’m perpetually floored that a human being created something as visceral and perfect as Homogenic.
  10. And after that she still went and curated career highs like Vespertine, the concept of Medúlla, Voltaïc live and Vulnicura. What an artist
  11. Homogenic is that perfect album for me, an impossible standard in a category all its own. It's been in my life for almost 20 years and I'm still finding new details in the arrangements that completely blow my mind – the level of skill on display here is unreal, and that's not even counting the groundbreaking remix work it inspired.
  12. I am in Iceland as we speak - not seeing the first two Harpa shows as planned. I talked to a couple Icelanders. The young ones. The most hurtful experience about it was three women between 23 and 27 never having heard of Jóga.
  13. Jóga is a masterpiece. For the life of me, I can’t work out how it wasn’t a bigger hit.
  14. Oh, I know this feeling.
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  15. I adore it (of course) but I do always feel gutted whenever 'All Is Full Of love' starts and it's not the video version.
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  16. I want to throw it out there that I think Utopia is one of her strongest, most cohesive and consistent works to date. I honestly wouldn’t want to lose anything from it and I’m so pleased she made it. Her arrangements are divinely intricate in places and her lyrics are as charming as ever (“googling love” people!!!)
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  17. pretty sure Joga was chart ineligible.

    was also in Reykjavik for the August non-shows. We went a few times to this café where legend says Bjork often goes called the Grey Cat but she wasn't there of course hahaha
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  18. Considering Bjork previous albums this really is an opinion! Utopia compared with many of her previous works is at best derivative of her own work. For sure in every Bjork album there are a few tracks that could easily belong to a selection of her best works and Utopia is no exemption. This is already a lot at this point in her career.
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  19. To be clear, I think that Homogenic, Vespertine and Vulnicura are stronger. I’d have it on a par with Post though, so therefore the stronger half of her discography. I absolutely stand by cohesive and consistent as well.

    I know many were cold to The Gate initially but I think it is a total ten now. (Likewise Features Creatures, Saint and Future Forever).
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  20. Apparently she also likes a bar called Boston and was hyping up a specific supermarket. I coincidentally was in the latter and haven’t met her. But - and I did this research later - I took pictures in front of her house although to the other side (there is a statue which I posed with but I didn’t know that she could have technically seen me from her window).

    I also have to say I find it very optimistic that they rescheduled for September. Everybody here is expecting things to go down from here.
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