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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I saw her out and about in Reykjavik when I was there on holiday a couple of years ago and.. yeah, she was living ha normal life. Just leave her alone if you spot her.
  2. I would be absolutely terrified to approach Bjork in public. This isn't even a "Welcome to Bangkok" reference, I just would not be able to physically speak or be coherent in her presence, and I get the feeling that would get on her nerves ff
  3. Obviously. She made it clear often enough what she thinks of that. Also she is not Selena Gomez or whoever I expect her fans being aware of privacy.
    Same though. I’d just run.
  4. I mean... yeah, this has been very evident for years and yet still stans insist on approaching her in public, even after the trauma with her stalker years ago and the fact she has been understandably hands-off with fans ever since.

    On top of that it's also exactly the same as any other big pop girl: she's had decades of being pestered about how much her music means to me blah blah and it becomes an annoyance, particularly when she's out having a drink with her friends or picking up bread at the supermarket. I might want Joga played at my funeral but it's totally entitled of me to think she would be interested in hearing about it.
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  5. Better do it fast.
  6. It’s a bit more complicated than that - it was the lead single but then Princess Diana died and most labels cancelled new releases for the two weeks following.

    Except some copies has already been pressed and shipped so it possibly did chart based on these?

    With a normal release, it would have definitely been a “Björk Hit” and scraped the Top 20...
  7. Welp, this is as good a time as any for us to see her house again

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  8. The Ricardo López case is legitimately horrifying. I'm so glad his mail bomb to her got intercepted.
  9. Does anyone here have the ‘Archives’ book?
  10. I do! Don't go for it if you're looking for a traditional retro on her career (that's not what it is), but it's a sharp-looking set with some exclusive stuff you won't find anywhere else.

    The best bit is the email exchanges between Björk and Timothy Morton, the way they communicate reminds me so much of the rapid-fire, rabbit-holing conversations I have with my very best friends. The journalism pieces are worth reading as well, bringing in some formal criticism that goes beyond typical reviews.

    My only gripe with it is that, although it looks gorgeous on my shelf, it's a little fragile (the cover of mine has "rippled" a bit over time) and I do wish there were bigger photos inside.
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  11. Thanks. I want something that has lots of gorgeous imagery and exclusive content. To be honest, the only thing putting me off is that it only goes up to Biophilia.

    I’m also toying with the idea of getting the piano/organ/harpsichord scores ddd
  12. Unfortunately, when it comes to Björk books there's not a lot that balances the two. The photobook she did with M/M Paris around Vespertine is probably your best bet for imagery, though I never got around to buying that one myself. I think Archives is the most interesting from a (written) content perspective.

    And I would totally get the scores if I knew how to play piano! Besides her voice, her skill as a composer is what I find most fascinating about her work.
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  13. I wish I was paying attention to her around that time. I enjoy a good bit off of Volta and discovered her a few years after its release. My first Björk campaign in real time ended up being Biophilia though.
  14. Innocence not getting a glossy big budget / experimental video and instead being an endless fan competition...the way she stamped on my dreams.
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  15. I enjoyed this. I think it only goes up to Vespertine but it's detailed about all her songs and B-sides etc.
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  17. I'll third this, as someone who's been a fan since 2004 and didn't even know it existed until 2013 when I found it in a used bookstore. It's really well done.
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  18. She really is overdue for a proper coffee table book but make it artsy.
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  19. I don’t expect this to be a big role, but YAS.

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  20. "Slav Witch" was my nickname in high school!
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