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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Love the colours details so much, haha
    And also loving the love for Harm of Will and Pneumonia. I really didn't like Utopia that much, I see... I tried. I only listen to Arisen My Senses, Blissing Me and The Gate sometimes nowadays.
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  2. A bit obsessed with this wig/look/color combination.

    "1 African Food". Just one.
  3. I can't read her posts anymore without thinking of when Arca accidentally let it slip that Utopia was coming
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  4. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this thread at the top dd. Come back möm!
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  5. Her dark, sea-inspired album is coming. I would be here for that since the ocean is such a recurring theme throughout her music and this sole look is fueling the speculation in me!
  6. I don't really know what I'd want from Bjork now. Clearly we are not going to get a Post/Homogenic/Vespertine record again and that's okay. But Utopia wasn't it for me and I struggle to really enjoy Vulnicura (it is great but I'm rarely in the mood for it). I fear she may continue down the Utopia path and explore more of those sounds in future works and... I'm just not here for that. At all.
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  7. I feel like except for swapping whatever instrument is going to play the biggest part (string or flute etc) I already know exactly what it is going to sound like.

    I still adored Biophilia in its entirety, and Vulnicura had some of her strongest classical melodies in a while, but Utopia felt extremely bloated and “ugly” to me, despite some moments where her brilliance still shined through. I have to wonder if she will ever release something with a higher tempo again (and I don’t mean A BOP or anything like that, just something a bit more lively).
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  8. Her bongos album is coming.

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  9. Manu Delago outsold

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  10. Were the Vulnicura/Utopia shows filmed? It seems odd that Queen of merch hasn’t released these when most of her other tours are on DVD.
  11. Pretty much all of her work since Medulla has centred around a type of instrument with a nature related theme so I’m expecting the same for the next album. Utopia is probably my favourite album of hers since Volta but it was also my biggest disappointment? I was expecting/hoping for a lighter album
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  12. A maritime and seafaring-themed nine track album of dark bangers produced by Forest Swords and/or Olaf Dreijer, please múm.
  13. Let me cautiously wear my tinfoil hat which, in the spirit of the B, is actually a headdress from an obscure Central Saint Martins graduate: by the laws of thermodynamics stating that each Björk album must work as the tonal/thematic opposite of its predecessor, if Utopia stood for light and airy, could we be in for HEAVY and BRUTAL this time? The bad bjötch witchy apocalyptic punk opus?

    Theory n°2: the antithesis isn't so much light vs. heavy (a dualism already covered by Vulnicura\Utopia) but more maximalist vs. minimalist. It would make sense for the new music to be stripped back and more sparse considering the richness and layered structure of Utopia. I had a feeling for the longest time that the Utopia songs foretelling what's to come could be "Features Creatures" and "Future Forever", like the quiet, spacious moments. Her Sonos radio station played a lot of Icelandic choral music too, so... A spiritual, no-frills, Icelandic as fuck, "Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu" album? Björk literally taking us to church\sacred circle of stones?

    Watch it be a techno album for unsufferable homos who buy Byredo candles and go to clubs shirtless in the end. But her hair + eyeshadow is giving teenage goth Medúlla "Billie Eilish is so into paganism right now" and that can't be denied. Shifty eyes emoji. Back in March, the photographer posted this pic of B's stylist holding a dark blue Iris Van Herpen gown, so it does look like that could be THE colour at least.

    Watch it to be for a concert + live album.

    Finally, a bit of gossip: her unexpected collab with African cuisine is due to the fact her new boyfriend is the chef and owner of an African restaurant in Reykjavík. We love a family business.
  14. I’m so here for Merbjork.
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  15. I hope the she keeps her flute on the new album.
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  16. I do hope she keeps the Arca influences to a minimum this time. Vulnicura and Utopia are great works, but it’s time to move on.
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  17. Is it tho? *sad emoji face*

    nn Please god no.
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  18. Is this one of her best songs? Yes. Yes it is.
  19. Has the official instrumental for Hyperballad ever been released or leaked?
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