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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Oceania feat. Kelis is everything
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  2. And we still can't stream it in the US. I'm fuming.
  3. We’re getting eight mostly a capella tracks using only a theremin and an Icelandic spoons choir, all tracks will be 9 to 13 minutes, and we will deal.
  4. Bjork will debut the merchoir from the lost city of atlantis on her next opus, and will perform all shows underwater.
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  5. A couple of the singles/EPs have gone off Apple Music but remain on Spotify in the UK, weird.
  6. So was anyone going to tell me that Sindri a) is 35, b) is a musician himself and has claimed to be better than even his own mother, and c) literally looks like someone merged Björk and Richard D. James, or was I just supposed to find that out myself through a Twitter post?
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  7. Not after that airport video.
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  8. The way this made me run to Wikipedia to check if I'd been getting Björk's age wrong all this time and she was actually older than I thought ff (but no, she just had him when she was 20)
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  9. rdp


    Does anyone know why Serpentwithfeet's Blissing Me remix isn't available on Spotify anymore? (Or at least it isn't in my country)
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  10. It's not available for me either. It is up there on Apple Music though, pretty weird.
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  11. Happy 20th to my first Björk album!

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  12. Wow, a 21 day rollout. *deep sigh*
  13. The good ol' days. Although Kacey Musgraves is doing a very old-school short gap between single and album rollout so I hope more people go back to this.
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  14. The Vespertine era b-sides, remixes and instrumentals are fucking iconic, and essential to the package.
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  15. Why isn't Domestica the Icelandic national anthem
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  16. All Is Full of Love is being used as the song for the Alien Goddess fragrance campaign. Neat!

  17. I love that they featured Willow Smith in the campaign, but wanted some *real* music to do the heavy lifting. Bjork wins at everything.
  18. The classicness.
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  19. The song is likely featured *because* it's Willow Smith, she is a big fan of Björk.
    "Real music"... get a grip, love.
  20. Not a term ‘real music’ surfacing in the year 2021.
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