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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Mama Guðmundsdóttir cashing yet another fat and easy cheque while y'all argue amongst yourselves

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  2. we love to see it.


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  3. So creepy

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  4. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this little video of them shooting the Vespertine album cover before

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  5. The Little Vespertines won with that setlist! Interesting that "Homogenic" and "Vulnicura" weren't more prominent, since they were the string albums.
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  6. A few moments of struggle vocally in the beginning, but she nailed everything from Isobel forward. I love that arrangement.
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  7. *GLING-GLÓ*


    We finally have a well-founded idea of when new music will come out.

    The Centre Pompidou in Metz, France has announced Björk and James Merry have collaborated with the museum on an exclusive art project debuting in May 2022. The project seems to be yet another iteration of B's trademark nature-meets-technology poetics; the surprise is that according to the museum's official statement and big-mouthed art gays spilling the tea to French fans, the exhibition will coincide with THE RELEASE OF A NEW ALBUM, which is currently in the hectic final stage of its realization, and a series of concerts in France.

    NEXT SPRING!!!!!
  8. It's hard to get excited for a new Bjork album when I haven't really connected with anything post Volta. But I am always intrigued enough to check it out whenever it eventually arrives.

    I do own Vulnicura on vinyl but it's not really my go-to album.
  9. I bought the DualDisc of "Medúlla" the other day, so I guess I still stan? I just can't handle "Utopia" at all. My threshold is now "just half of the songs on a record being listenable", and it doesn't even pass that.
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  10. Good to know from the get-go the new album is a museum art project companion piece, at least this way no-one will misguidedly get their hopes up for the return on pop-Björk dd
  11. It's not actually! New music has been in the works for a few years now while the exhibition—which will basically be a garden-like indoor space with installations and projections—materialized more recently. The sources from Pompidou-Metz said they were surprised Björk even made herself available for the project because she was already locked up in the studio finishing the album. It's likely the art project has been made as a moment of world-building whatever for the new era and not the other way around.

    BUT OF COURSE this doesn't mean the nostalgic gay consortium is allowed to use the info as a vaulting horse to hop on the impossible-bops train. Classical music composer and Blue Humanities professor in Euro-American elite university Björk Guðmundsdóttir is ready to waste your time and destroy your dreams with 90 minutes of intricate orchestral arrangements, imitation whale vocals and hardcore climate justice activism.
  12. Same. It all sounds very nice.....there's just nothing to really enjoy. Seems wrong to call it a bad album though. Saint is probably the only song I can say I genuinely like.

    Gonna listen to this live stream now
  13. Very happy to hear that. Also already planning my trip to Metz basically.
  14. I put on Drawing Restraint 9 the other day and it's much more listenable than I remember. Well, apart from Holographic Entrypoint.
  15. Cetacea and Ambergris March are very pretty
  16. “Gratitude” is that jam.
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  17. She sounded great in the string concert. The run of Isobel - Hyper-ballad - Harm of Will - Bachelorette was sublime.
  18. What a 3 song line-up! Amazing.
    I am booked for the 24th (25th) Oct.
  19. Is Dhafer Youssef involved? I remember reading him being in the studio with B, which could be potentially very very very interesting considering some of his work
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