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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. So all Björkies know she is working on the follow-up to the über amazing Vulnicura

    and according to her and @Psycho

    Lets start a conversation a la Janet on the upcoming Masterpiece of God Björk.
  2. She's almost done recording her vocals. She's done with strings, so don't expect them.

    This is from October, so the album is probably just about done.

    Again, the album is about utopia...[roughly translated] "a curious dream which mixes the real and the unreal [...] I want to celebrate the unreal, to make the dream a reality " .
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  3. LPT


    looking forward to this and her plush visuals.
  4. Björk and strings are a perfect combination but I can see why she doesn't want to repeat herself. In fact, I was quite (pleasantly) surprised that some songs on Vulnicura sounded like they were lost songs from the Homogenic sessions.
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  5. This sounds like it could be her most plush and bright album for quite some time. I'm excited, we haven't really seen that side of her for years - maybe since Voltaic?
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  6. You can tell why she´s mostly done recording the new record. She wants to show the world her new self and let the broken ex-wife persona behind. Her last album came out all at once via leak. I wouldn´t mind a new single in spring prior the whole new album. Just to get a taste where we´re heading soundwise. I love the anticipation before a new release.
  7. I am excited to see how this is going to shape up, if the visuals of last year are anything to go by, I can expect some aggressive, ethereal, polished and fluid electronic path
  8. Is something euphoric like Debut or Post too much to ask for from Bjork in 2017?
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  9. That would be quick for Björk standards. Can't wait obviously.
  10. That description is exactly the type of thing I want from Björk. Fuck the love/relationship stuff lets discuss Leprechauns!
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  11. And cutlery!
  12. I want bops.
  13. Album discussing Leprechauns cutlery AND bops?
  14. Wasn't Comet Song about Comet Hale–Bop?
  15. I don't ever expect this from her in 2017, but but her delivering a couple of alterna-bops doesn't seem unreasonable does it? Especially not after the description.

    Bjork has evolved into such a visionary that hearing her do something a little more accessible would be so interesting.
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  17. Here's the summary about the forthcoming album I had compiled in the Vulnicura thread, with a little update!
    • It is at an advanced stage. She has almost finished recording vocal takes.
    • Arca and Andrew Thomas Huang worked with her again.
    • The album will focus on the idea of utopia and the clash between reality and unreality. It is highly possible it will have a lighter energy as opposed to Vulnicura's darkness. She has referred to "fertility" a lot.
    • It will probably not feature strings. There is speculation woodwinds will be the instrument family of choice this time around, seeing as flutes were featured heavily in her recent DJ sets.
    • It is likely the album will somehow make use or incorporate VR technology.
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  18. Can't wait to bop to B9 with my fellow Little Miðvikudags.
  19. I'm intrigued to hear what qualifies as the opposite of Vulnicura.

    Will it be Björk on top of Arca's signature dark beats?
    Will it be a happy, dancey album?
  20. Ray


    After confronting descriptions of Zoophilia with its stark reality I am going to keep my expectations very, very low. Just in case.

    What I want: more Stonemilker, Earth Intruders, I Miss You
    What I'll get: more Virus, Drawing Restraint 10, twenty minute brass, farting and pennywhistle instrumental entitled "Reality/Unreality VR Experience"
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