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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Sue Me is hitting all the right spots for me today.

    I keep randomly singing the chorus out loud.
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  2. I actually find this album to be quite suitable for background music, and that's not meant to be a jab - the compositions and soundscapes are so rich and complex, and they definitely require dedicated listening to truly unpack, but it's also really a great album to just pop on and get lost in while, like, reading a book or something.

    It's like hiking through a forest; so much to see and identify, yet just as pleasant to enjoy simply as a setting.
  3. This is the most playful she's been in years. The album is part lark and part creed in such a deliriously self-assured way. I love it so much.
  4. Sue me instrumental minus flutes could actually be from Arcas &&&&& mixtape or his debut album.

    The outro reminds me of Homogenic... help me is it "5 years"?
  5. You could say this about much of the album really.
  6. Ray


    I was playing the album and Spotify now has this super irritating feature where "related songs" come in afterwards and something started playing and I was like, "whoa – that is really different, I didn't expect this album to go that direction at all".

    It was 'Pluto'.
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  7. My initial average for the album is 8.6, and I still think St. Vincent beats this by a couple points as of now, but I expect this album to grow even more.

    Arisen My Senses- 8.6/10
    Blissing Me – 8.7/10
    The Gate – 8/10
    Utopia – 8.7/10
    Body Memory – 8.5/10
    Features Creatures -8.3/10
    Courtship – 8.9/10
    Losss – 8.3/10
    Sue Me – 8.6/10
    Tabula Rasa – 8.5/10
    Claimstaker – 8.8/10
    Paradisia - 9/10
    Saint - 9.3/10
    Future Forever - 8.2/10

    Average: 8.6/10
  8. I'm definitely not in the right place right now to fall in love with the album, but it's obviously pretty special. Does it do it all for me? No, but I think as people have said, there's elements that I think suit being more mood-setting pieces than traditional 'stand-outs'.

    Vulnicura took a wee while for me, not so much that I had to hammer it - more that I had to play it RIGHT at the perfect time - THEN it hit.

    I don't think it's ever going to reach the personal heights of my favourite Bjork work, but it's truly an interesting and vibrant continuation of a narrative started last album and beautifully expanded on in new ways here.
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  9. did anybody else start crying about 10 seconds into Arisen My Senses? Just me then...? Okay haha.

    but seriously, wow... this album really could've only been made by someone who loves music. it's incredible as a piece of work, even if the individual songs aren't as distinct as say.. homogenic. i really hope this album cycle is the going to be the one where i finally get to see her live! the live shows are going to be amazing.
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  10. Doesn't "Losss" in fact sample "5 Years?" That crunchy beat is definitely a Homogenic holdover.
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  11. Not me mentioning this a few pages earlier and getting ignored. But yes, only legends.
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  12. You can turn that off. All you have to do is go on Settings and, well, turn that option off.
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  13. Can you? Because I can't.

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  14. You are not alone, I was pretty overwhelmed by the opening too.

    I've listened to the album just 5 times, but it's really a remarkable piece of work, really, really special. I've had Sue Me in my head since I first listened.
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  15. I was a bit hard on it upon first listen. I still think it's a couple of songs too long but I am really loving it now. I hated Body Memory at first but now it's grown on me tremendously. It's definitely a follow up to the last album but pulls from so many of her previous works too.
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  16. The beginning even has a brief "Pagan Poetry" melody in it.
  17. It is a long album. But there is a (restless) relentlessness to it -even in its quieter, more meditative moments- and a lack of fixed structure such that the present note of each song seems as if to evade the listener's grasp and compels them to chase after it. It's a wonderful feeling just experiencing the album unfurl.
  18. Is no one going to comment on the delicious pettiness of Tabula Rasa? It's literally the 'need to have the last word' put to song.

    'Clean plate: tabula rasa for my children'
    'He led two lives, thought ours was the only one'

    I was ddddddddd-ing in the street when she ended it like that. Petty but honest queen. Forgiveness is hard to give.
  19. I still can’t believe that Björk managed to make flutes sound compelling. For that, she’s fucking genius alone.

    Some of the reviewers are getting this so wrong. The Telegraph review is also quite dismissive. Once again for lack of typical song structure. Sigh.
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