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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hmm I don´t think it´s an highlight but I am looking forward to watch it later.
    I am optimistic we will get a few more videos from this album. Generous queen loves us.
  2. But it actually is.

    Although right now I would die if she made a video for Saint. That one ruins me.
  3. I don’t think she’s thinking in terms of “singles” but rather songs she wants to make a visual for. Obviously the title track would be one of those.
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  5. It's a bit Selfridges window circa 2013.
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  6. I really wish we could still have GIF avatars.
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  7. They were awful if you were writing a long-ish post and had to keep looking at the same thing on loop. No.
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  8. Well you just picked bad avatars then~
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  9. I'm talking about everyone else as I never had one~
  10. Gorgeous.
  11. Honestly a little underwhelming. The set is gorgeous, though. Love the root structure in the pan out and the idea of the utopia being self contained.

    I was hoping the mold spores would be more than atmospheric.
  12. I love this as an intro to the world she’s created with this album, and we finally get to see the character in context. Hopefully the other videos expand it a bit more.
  13. Can I just say, after listening to Side A of Utopia on vinyl, the detail in the mix / quality is so much better than what I first heard on Spotify, Arisen My Senses sounded really splashy and compressed on Spotify, it sounds clean and spacious on vinyl.

    P.S. Blissing Me is beautiful, the harp has got stuck in my head.
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  14. God, the video really is pretty though isn't it.
  15. The music is much more enjoyable paired with the video.
  16. I can't remember if this Switched on Pop podcast was posted already -- it is two weeks old -- but I really love a lot of the analysis in this. These guys are fun to listen to.
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  17. how does she afford these kind of visuals? lol
  18. I think she makes more money than you might think. Also I think a lot of visual artists jump at the chance to work with her anyway.
  19. This is the same woman who sold an $800 box of tuning forks to her fans.
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