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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. This is... very reasonable. I was expecting it to start at 100something.
  2. LP


    This is the last person on my list of people to see. I'm so excited.
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  4. YES!!!!! It's been a long time coming, I'm so excited to see her.
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  5. I last saw her at the RAH a few years ago, so I'm more than excited she's coming to my home town!
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  6. Björk at the O2.

  7. Yikes I’ve now got to get Bjork and Lana tix on Wednesday - my credit card isn’t going to happy about that!
  8. It's
  9. LP


    What am I missing ? Venue not intimate enough?
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  10. Some venues are smaller but yes this is huge. I wonder why she has an arena approach now instead of smaller venues with bigger prices.
    Madame X this is not.
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  11. Yes, it's a 20,000 capacity venue so with one show she'll make bank, which then lowers prices a bit.
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  12. And that'*s why I am eyeing Brussels because it is 8400. And the premiere. Or Luxemburg, it is just 6500.
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  13. Imagine being up in the gods of the O2 expecting bops. Can Lizzo be the flautist for this?
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  14. If it's the Cornucopia show she did in New York then.. I'mma pass on this one. I'll catch you next time sis.
  15. Really? I think I never wanted to see a show that much. Also remember that it is unlikely she'll hit us with a bop fest greatest hits tour anytime soon. I expct things to become even more artsy fartsy.
  16. aux


    I'll wait for the comp tickets, her All Points East show sold so poorly, I'm surprised they're trying arenas with her here.
  17. She sold out a huge venue in Berlin two, three years ago bit it does sound ambitious somehow.
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  18. Is there to be a Manchester date?
  19. I'd bet they would be very careful with more dates up until after they see how the ones we have are selling.
  20. Slightly bizarre that they’d expect to fill arenas. Maybe there’s an announcement coming about a couple of relatively current support acts?
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