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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I wanna go and see her but I don’t wanna go to London, so I’ll wait it out.
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  2. Well I booked flights and bought tickets to Manchester for Homobloc with Robyn DJing on November 24th so I already hate Björk's timing.

    But going by this a show on the 23th in Manchester would be nice.
  3. Crazy how people in the UK wouldn’t travel within their own country to see Bjork but people in Australia travel 200ks to go to a supermarket.
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    Me flying from Sydney to Sheffield for Mika tea.
  5. She's doing Belgium!
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  6. Might go see mummy!
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  7. I roll my eyes when people in the UK won’t travel an hour or two to see a show.
    Meanwhile most of my favourite British/Scandinavian bands only tour Australia once every 20 to 30 years...
  8. Screaming at the accuracy. Meanwhile, a few of us are driving 8.5 hours to see Charli this October.
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  9. Quite often it is a question of money but I guess most could do a trip to another city. I been basically living on water and bread as a young adult to go to Berlin from my hometown every other week to catch a show. A three hour ride.
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  10. It's probably very similar to the Tabula Rasa visual, but I'm here for anything related to Utopia's best song
  11. LTG


    Where’s the Future Forever vid then?
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  12. @ me next time. The main reason I don't wanna go to London is because if I can see someone in a city that's close to me, I don't need to factor in travel and accommodation too as it's an expense I don't need right now x
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  13. Got my ticket!
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  14. Got me tix!!.....Can't believe standing tickets are £104! She's never gonna shift those.
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  15. Ar you saying she will make a losss
  16. It's a weird show for standing tickets considering the album is not exactly dancing material.
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  17. Visually great but

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  18. Never seen her before. Wanted to see her for over a decade. This is my fave album of hers.

    And I got a ticket. I could WEEP.
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    Got my tickets for Dublin can't wait for the Bjöpathon.
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