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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. At these prices I'll wait for the inevitable 50% Ticketmaster sale.
  2. After seven years of stanning I finally get to see my fave!
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  3. I can't believe one of my all-time favourites I will defend to the end of the Earth is IN MY LIFETIME in Glasgow and I... don't care. Utopia I appreciate as a piece of art but I haven't listened to a track off since probably Jan 2018. And that's ok.

    Just not a record I need to see live. Vulnicura is one I wish I'd experienced.

    I saw her in Manchester for the Boptaic tour in 2007 and...I'm happy.
  4. Thank god for that pre sale. My fifth time seeing her live!

    And so happy Pagan Poetry is in the set, it's one of my favorites.
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  5. Bought Golden Circle for Luxembourg and have all the feels.

    I can’t believe I’ll see Cornucopia. Bless her.

    Also how does she make it feel like it is a joy to throw 95 Euro at her? At least to me.
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  6. I mean, I saw her tour Utopia last year, wearing a blue pussy patch (Björk, not me ... or did I) to boot. Why should I go to Cornucopia, too? (Genuine question.)
  7. Will this be drastically different from the Utopia tour?
  8. If you saw any of the Utopia shows I wouldn't say it's a must-see. The band and setlist was pretty similar and it's basically a sort of fluffed up version of that, with different staging, an Icelandic choir warming up (which she didn't even utilise that much for her main set) and a couple of different tech elements.
  9. Utopia tour was the groundwork for a way more ambitious show. I recommend to google it and check out the stories from New York about it, many claiming it is her most ambitious and elaborated show ever.

    Personally I was super sad I couldn’t see it and am beyond happy now I’ll get a chance.
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  10. She is about to release a set of Bird Call flutes it seems judging by her web store.

    You’ll find it as featured item for now although no pricing yet.

    I can’t upload a screenshot right now but it is there at the moment.
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  11. Biophilia's tuning forks found... snapped.
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  12. I told my boyfriend about this and he said maybe for Christmas and then I told him about the forks and the pricing point for that and he said well maybe not.

    Only Björk fans know real merchandising pain.
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  13. I'm a stan, but for someone so concerned with environmental issues she doesn't half put out a lot of quite unnecessary stuff into the world.
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  14. Flashbacks to me preordering the Voltaic boxset, only for it to get cancelled when she wanted to rework the audio, only for me to preorder again when it was finally being released, only for it to never arrive even though One Little Indian took all my money, only for me to eventually send them a horrible email six months later and demand my money back and tell them I would never buy a physical Björk release ever again.

    And I never did.
  15. But did you get your money back?

    It is gone from the web shop for now. Would you count bird calling flutes as a physical release or is that just actual recordings of her and not BDSM looking pipe stuff?
  16. Greta is not sailing to New York for the world being destroyed by Björk flutes!
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  17. I'm still waiting for the Utopia Flutes album she promised...I must be the only one who was disappointed at the lack of flutes on the album after the string overload on Vulnicura

    In other news I bought a near mint Family Tree for $19 last week which will collect dust on my CD shelf, never to be opened again after I spent 10 mins closing it back up the other day
  18. After I opened Family Tree for the first time, I was never able to make everything fit in again dddd. I put the 3" CDs together with some Pock-It
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  19. I love Bjork but I'm still sort of waiting for that OMG album to come before I fork out to go see her live.

    I never saw her back in the day and a lot of her recent work, though enjoyable, hasn't gripped me enough, yet. I'm still holding out hope.
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  20. While fully understanding I still recommend to go if it doesn't mean you will be living on bread and water for three years. Utopia really came alive in a live setting and her aura is special. I am always extremely whelmed.

    Chances also are that she is drifting away from the idea of an OMG album - depending on how you define it.
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