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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Bonus track...
    Fever Ray remix...
    The Knife remix...
    *cries in broke alt gay*
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  2. I kind of love it but I just can’t justify spending that much.
  3. If any of you can afford that, please pay my rent instead.
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  4. I already blow enough.
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  5. Um... woah.
  6. It’s that a Bjork crackpipe?! I AM ON BOARD.
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  7. I've been waiting for like 15 years for them to remix her. And now we get 2 remixes??!

    Aaand of course hidden on some usb-stick in a plastic box with bird-flutes. That's so Björk.
  8. USB-C flash those who own Apple computers made before 2016 will need to buy an adapter just to access it
  9. Yes, @enhanced CD.
  10. Futurist queen.
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  11. I hate being poor
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  12. Olof posted a picture of Björk together with his sister and a countdown clock that finishes in 5 hours in his instagram story. Could this mean they are releasing the Fever Ray/The Knife remixes??
  13. Must be!!.....though I’m less enthused by the remixes both being Features Creatures :-/
  14. More dates were announced by the way. Was it discussed or did all seven people here caring already bought theirs?
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  15. There's a... Fever Ray remix supposedly by Bjork on some... sites. Can't tell if it's real but it has her on backing vocals and comes with artwork, so think it might be legit? It's for This Country.

  16. The Fever Ray one is my favorite.


    Isn't this like the first time ever she remixed a song?
  17. Oh hell I live for the Hard To Fuck remix. What a monster. Fantastic.
  18. Yet to hear these, but that metal band logo for Björk is amazing
  19. I love all of them because it is all a terrific and terrifying mess and the dark heavy electro extravaganza that I love.

    When the flute hits during the Fever Ray Features Remix. Wheeeew.
  20. Wouldn't that be neat if Björk and Karin formed a similar artistic bond as she and Arca have...
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