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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

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  2. These remixes are fun but I'mma need ha to be calling up Forest Swords for when she starts thinking about the next era. This slays me every time

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  3. She's doing an Instagram Live right now!

    edit: She's so adorable and nerdy. She finished the q&a with a statement about global warming. Queen of Environmental Sustainability.
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  4. There’s a vinyl for the new remixes. Amazing.

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  5. That artwork gives me a raging pop hard-on.
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  6. I need it on a shirt. Or a hat. LET ME WEAR IT.
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  7. That vinyl artwork is horrendously glorious, I need it!
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  8. I'm sad to witness the un-music these two once-cherished acts keep bringing to us. Call it art, I'll call it shart. I did laugh at the mash-up cover, though.
    It's also funny how woke she is about ecology, yet I don't know an artist who's had more pointless physical releases than her. including the new remixes ddddddd Cassettes, one-track vinyl, box sets... One would expect her to go digital or something. I know, we all love a good exclusive release, but let's be honest... she's the worst when it comes to this.
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  9. Everything in this post is wrong.

    Un-music? Get over yourself.

    And the thing about the environment is such a weird take? I doubt vinyl records and flutes make any kind of significant impact. They’re not pointless just because you are not interested in them.
  10. Come on, at least the second part of the post is spot-on, if we can't agree about the musical qualities of the mixes. And even that "un-music" comment wraps around into a compliment, they've truly transcended.
    Didn't we get 16 remixes... on 8 CD singles... with two different sets of those same singles? Which were then compiled on "bastards."? And those frankly pointless "Vulnicura" mixes? Waste of plastic.
  11. I’m so over seeing this every time Björk releases anything since...probably 2007. If you’re not into what she’s releasing you could maybe just disengage?

    As far as the excess physical formats thing goes though...I can’t say I disagree. Even just from a collection standpoint, the constant stream of pressings and repressings coming out of One Little Indian for two decades now does my head in.

    Having said that though, her recent quotes about the environment suggest to me that she may start looking into sustainable merchandise; if there’s anyone that could make biodegradable vinyl work, it’d be Björk.
  12. They’ve reduced standing tickets for The O2 by about £20.

    Still too pricey for me.
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  13. I'm screaming if only because of all the memes that superimposed the Utopia face onto other album covers.
  14. Ouch. Flopucornia.

    It never made sense to book this arena. Wembley next?
  15. £80 for standing in the O2 is still ridiculous. It’s not really a standing kind of gig either. Hopefully they’ll be going for £20 on the day.
  16. It's crazy to think I'm NOT going to this gig in Glasgow. I had to travel to see her in 2008 (first ever gig I did that for) because I was obsessed. My Dad took me for my birthday. And she's coming near me (sort of), and I can't be arsed. The prices combined with the album it's supporting put me off (no Utopia shade, but it's a...once in a while kind of record for me maybe). Is someone going to tell me I'm mad? That seeing Cornucopia (from the cheap seats) will be worth it?
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  17. I’m a little bit mad at you because Björk hasn’t toured my country since Volta...
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  18. Have you seen videos and pictures from the show? Argueably the album is not screaming live setting but it seems like she made a real gorgeous show out of it. A beauty. I'd also always take the chance to see her because her shows never felt flat and always brought new things to the table. Seeing Utopia live also make me appreciate the album even more. If you look at it as an evening with Björk who still shows up as pretty foward-thinking artist who even events instruments and stuff, a bit artsy fartsy but beautiful, you enjoy it.

    So if it is not even about the price anymore you should go.

    I think and hope this will be a reality check for herr and her team and she is booking theatres next time. She'll charge a fortune but it makes more sense I guess.

    Super excited that my date is less than two weeks away.
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  19. I'll wait for her disco album before going to see her live I think.
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  20. Grab a chair.
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