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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. You need to go because I can't.
  2. Wanna pay?
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  3. aux


    If he’s paying, I’m coming too
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  4. I so regret not seeing her live during Volta. I didn't want to see her at a festival and I thought she'd come back with a more upbeat album clown emoji
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  5. Say what you want but the show looks terrific. Can't wait for saturday.

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  6. It was absolutely phenomenal! Most of it was so intense and breathtaking. Opening with the Gate was just perfection. The whole "I care for you if you care for me" part truly was a moment. Also Sue Me and Isobel live are so empowering.

    The only part I absolutely wasn't feeling was Body Memory. It was kind of one note and kept going on forever. Also: she chopped up Pagan Poetry, starting with the I Love Him climax and ending it super abrupt. So at the point where we we're all about to cry she was like: "Nah, next song... more flutes!".
  7. For anyone who's already been... I got my seats moved (i'm sitting along the side at O2) because apparently my view would be obstructed due to the stage design and production. Does anyone have any idea what that might be referring to? I've wanted to see her for years and I'm really worried I'm going to have a terrible view of the stage now dddd
  8. She has these two gigantic drumstick/microphone looking things coming out of the air (for Body Memory I think). Maybe your original seats were underneath them...
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  9. Where is the Groupön?
  10. Maybe the moved the stage more into the arena to have less empty seats?
    Can't wait even with the Pagan Poetry fuckery.
  11. That... is a fair point actually.
  12. .....currently trying a last minute attempt to get into Utopia before the gig - it ain't happening. Hopefully seeing this show will help unlock it for me.
  13. Any idea what time she might be on stage?
  14. 8PM in Dublin with no support.
  15. Well she kinda does have support: this choir she was in when she was 16.

    But they also join her later for some songs, so not really the definition of a support I guess.
  16. It says 20.15 on the event page. It’s annoyingly early for me, hopefully she’ll have a diva moment and come on at 9.
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  17. They also sing one of her songs in the opening and it is a moment.

    The whole thing was a moment. I get why people are unhappy with her take on her back catalogue - but the show was brillant. Very well designed, I was deeply impressed with the thought that went into it, how many things were designed just for this show. I mean all the things that happen during Body Memory.

    The show is just breath taking. I was overwhelmed quite a few times but the beauty and intensity. You can say it is not spontaneous enought but it all seems very light.

    Also I haven't seen Björk that into it in a while. The way she introduced all the people on stage, how relaxed and happy she semmed during the finale. It was all a pleasure to see. She is such brillant artist and pushes boundaries. Call it pretentious to be amazed by her and her art but following her for many years now it all makes sense.

    I was in Luxembourg by the way. Super close, super impressed, expectations shattered.
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  18. Please tell me they are filming this.
  19. They even sing 3 of her songs before the show!

    Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu, Sonnets/Unrealities XI and Cosmogony.
  20. Saw the Potpourri tour in London tonight and maybe Bork snapped.
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