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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I watched "Dancer in the Dark" for the first time the other day. It's exhausting.
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  2. I've had to do lithography printing quotes for for work in the past so I'm familiar with the rough costs and she's really fucking trying it with those prices. She's making probably a smooth profit of £60 on each one.
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  3. Bopping to “Debut” right at this very moment.
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  4. Her diehard fans must be millionaires.
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  5. *Former millionaires, based on prices.
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  7. Funny it's for a hotel, because I always play Vulnicura here in the hotel I work at when I want people to leave the bar after midnight... sadly it most of the times works.
  8. I have this hilarious image drunk people spinning out to Black Lake. Ruining their evening.
  9. The concert tour she’s doing with orchestra seems to be a kind of greatest hits. It says orchestral Arrangements of world so far in the official event for Berlin.

    Hold me.
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  10. Ddd not Miss Guðmundsdóttir looking at those empty Cornucopia seats and deciding to begrudgingly give the girls a few hits?
  11. I wonder if she'll do other dates, especially in the UK outside of Blue Dot Festival.
  12. What would you like for her next album? Producers, sound, theme?
  13. I want a sexy/sultry/slutty pop album produced by the pc people. AG or Sophie. No more Arca.

    Or The Knife! The Knife should produce her new album!
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  14. Since the thread has resurfaced from whatever abyss it comes from, a previously unreported bit of news: going full Northern-European-tourist-in-sandals-and-socks, B has been up to mysterious mysteries around the Mediterranean lately. She has been recording again at the Black Rock Studios in Santorini and was seen out and about in Tunis with legend Dhafer Youssef, with whom she's reportedly collaborating on an enigmatic enigma. Let's prepare our most billowy skirts for hardcore Sufi whirling.
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  15. Her work with Arca has been great so I wouldn't be against one more album with her to form an unofficial trilogy (and she clearly feels very comfortable with her so it wouldn't surprise me if she was involved in some way) but at the same time what's always been great about her is that she does something different every time.

    Personally I'd love for her to work with Fever Ray, I thought the remixes were really interesting for both parties and I'm picturing some kind of dark demented feminist concept project about witches and forests and goblins and shit. Maybe something more along the lines of what I imagined Vulnicura would sound like when I heard she was working with Haxan Cloak (so more earthy and droning and dark and cavernous and horrific). In fact, bring him back as well. Basically that bit from Notget where she wails "safe from deeeeaaaaaaaaaathhhhhhh" as a reference point dddd.

    EDIT: I didn't realise Arca went by female pronouns now until this post made me go check her socials to see if she was up to anything at the moment, so I've edited accordingly.
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  16. I'd honestly be happy with no more Arca. It's been cute but genuinely think they've done everything they can together.

    I need Forest Swords and Oneohtrix to do the entire record. Maybe with Matmos coming back on board? Yes ma'am, gimme weird earthy beats and bangers.
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  17. Sharp synths and squelchy beats. A more lighthearted, silly approach?
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  18. I think she should move on from Arca, honestly. And I really like their work together for the last two album cycles. I just think it's time for something fresh.

    And yes, something zippier is always a welcome possibility. I genuinely don't know what form that would take.
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