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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Imagine a Björk album produced by BJÖRK!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Here for it.
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  3. Best of Björk remixes, a list:

    • Who Is It - Vitalic Remix
    • Wanderlust - Ratatat Remix
    • Earth Intruders - Lexx Remix
    • Dull Flame Of Desire - Modeselektor Remix
    • Features Creatures - The Knife Remix
    • Vökuro - Gonzalez Remix
    • Mutual Core - These New Puritans Remix
    • Army Of Me - Patrick Wolf Remix
    • Oceania - Kelis Remix

    Most of these would make excellent producers for her.
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  4. I so wish I could stream the Kelis mix of "Oceania."

  5. Are they both geoblocked?
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  6. It is on both Spotify and Apple Music for me?
    (And I've seen you mention it a couple times but what do you have against local files so much? They work beautifully, at least on Apple Music)
  7. Imagine a Grimes collab. It'd emanate chaotic energy.

    I also need a proper collab with Fever Ray!
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  8. They're not working for me ":(" Are they for anyone else in the US?
  9. Arca's album leaked so her song with Björk is out there. It's a duet and honestly absolutely gorgeous.

    It sounds a bit like a Spanish version of Aurora.
  10. Is it 'Calor'?

    EDIT: Oh wait it's 'Afterwards', lemme lurk for a ticket and hope for 'Arisen My Senses' level of duet ascension
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  11. It is "Afterwards" wich parts of the lyrics are extracted from Antonio Machado's poem "Anoche cundo dormía" (I couldnt understand everything)
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    1. The Kelis mix is for sure not available in the US.
    2. Apple Music? Hahahahahahaha.
  12. Volta (and Biophilia to an extent) worked much better for me when performed live. I actually adore the Volta tour and it made me really enjoy the Volta album so much more.
  13. I never saw the Volta tour, but 100% agreed on Biophilia. That album finally clicked for me the magical night I saw her at the Hollywood Bowl performing (I think) the entirety of the album. Total enchantment.
  14. Yeah the Voltaic tour wil forever be my favorite Björk tour.

    Hyperballad going into Freak is still one of the best things I've ever seen live.
  15. Accepting that I haven’t, and will never experience that performance live is a hard pill to swallow.
  16. YEAH! I felt it too!
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  17. That was a massive highlight.
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  18. Voltaic was fantastic. And while the Biophilia tour made me enjoy the music while seeing it I was immediately underwhelmed again listening to the album after it.
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  19. I tagged along with a friend to the Voltaic tour when it came to Blackpool of all places before I really knew much about Bjork. I went in knowing four songs (It's Oh So Quiet, Triumph Of A Heart, Earth Intruders and Declare Independence). The Hyperballad moment was insane to see because everyone went mad when it started and then when it launched into the remix, you were jumping whether you wanted to or not because the venue had a sprung floor. I still have some confetti from that tour at my mum's house. A great night!
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