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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Posssssssibly Gucciiiiiii.
  2. The flying sci-fi drones and the building on her left in this beautiful, calm, nature setting is showing her utopian coexistence of nature and technology she always talked about.
    I´m talking about the video intro of course.
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  3. Not feeling the song but am loving the video and her ability to utilise these high class collaborators and get that sort of budget this far into her career. I'm guessing these things don't come cheap, so her hustle is impressive.
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  4. Prrrrrrrooooooobably Fendi.
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  5. God, the part in the video around 1:17 where those flute (??) noises come in is so... epic?? Really the whole video could've been pulled from a 2001 dream sequence, it's great. I also LOVE the Lanaryu Province / Breath of the Wild realness Björk is serving in the intro. I love her god damn so much.
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  6. I mean the song is definitely better with the video attached, not that I didn't appreciate it before. It's more like a beautiful score for a beautiful bit of film making as opposed to a big single, but then that kinda makes sense, doesn't it?

    The lights appearing and moving in time with the music itself was lovely.

    I don't adore this dress everyone is having a palava over but also I suppose it's the opposite to the first Vulnicura outift, all black, shiny, spiky, distorted and painful.
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  7. Me pre Utopia album: I don´t like flutes!

    Me after first Flutetopia listen:

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  8. Bjork favorite sex position must be woman on top, huh ?
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  9. Well on paper it does sound strange, but that dress is so beatiful
  10. I wish the album title was a little more interesting cause I actually think her album titles are all stunning choices of words until now
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  11. I really like the literalism for this album so far. It's the opposite of everything she's done before, but just as insane.
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  12. But it's her Tinder album!!!1!! We're lucky it's not called Swipe Right or something.
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  13. I don't even think it's that far from her usual titling guidelines! It's a short word with a classical etimology, big evocative power and ambiguous connotations, just like the rest of her titles. The only difference is the use of the word is more current. In that sense, it's not dissimilar to Debut, Post and Homogen(ic)(ous)(whatever) in its matter-of-fact approach, but I suppose that might also make it appear overworked.

    I honestly find Vulnicura a more literal title, and a literal title that manages to be too affected at the same time. I'll confess a secret but you'll have to promise not to tell anyone: when it was announced, I thought it was a bit shit. I grew to like it in the context of the project as a whole but it really sounds like the name of an over-the-counter ointment for treating burns.

    I guess part of the problem could come from speaking a Romance language as a mother tongue and being more acquainted with classical culture? All things considered, even Medúlla and Volta don't sound that exotic or opaque to a speaker of Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.
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  14. if she wants to experiment with women, it's her right
  15. As if Björk does any conventional sex positions with no levitation, astral projection or orbing involved.
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  16. Speaking of, does she have a new partner? Whose flute has been entering the gate?
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  17. She was so cute during that interview. I just want to hang out with her and hug her nonstop.
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  18. Buy Björk's new album "Svipirahht" on iTunes
  19. *Svipirahhta
  20. Those sounds are actually frogs croaking! I had been trying to wrap my head around this because I was sure I had heard them before in my Utopia-related musical quests, which as a bird nerd I was ecstatic to embark on, and finally someone on the official forum pointed out they are taken from a gorgeous field recording of Venezuelan birds made by Jean Roché in the 70s. The flute melody B mimes to is not human or machine-mediated either: it's the wonderful song of a potoo.

    In case someone is interested in the Venezuelan field recording galore that will be interpolated or may somehow have inspired the new album, here is a litte list of things to look out for:

    - Hekura by David Toop, a recording of Yanomami shamanic rituals in South Venezuela, was confirmed to be part of the Utopia soundscape by Dazed. It can be found easily if you look for the 2015 Sub Rosa reissue. Each of the two discs is closed by the sound of insects, birds and moths chirping together at night, and I suppose those are the tracks Björk repurposed. Spotify link.
    - Jean C. Roché's aforementioned Oiseaux du Vénézuela floats around in blogs and can be found quite easily through Google search. It's gorgeous!
    - Music of the Venezuelan Yekuana Indians, another field recording from the 70s published by the forever iconic Smithsonian Folkways, is unsurprisingly rich in flutes and clarinets. Spotify link.
    - Paul Schwartz's Naturaleza venezolana collections of tropical bird songs: it sounds like a dream but it exists only in vinyl, so I haven't heard it. The record is not impossible to find though.
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