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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. So weird there's a song called "Sue Me", it feels completely out of place compared to all the other song titles.
  2. Oh it definitely is. It’ll be the first dance at my wedding.
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  3. Just read the guardian piece and seen the video on there I’m super in love with the style and the mythology of it.

    The colours along with the 3D printed tech looks gorgeous.
  4. LTG


    The spiritual successor to Sod Off.
  5. I'm stupidly excited about this album and need to be careful about setting my expectations too high.

    It's just that everything we've seen and heard about it so far makes it sound perfect.
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  6. To ease the wait for Utopia, or make it worse, here is a summary of everything we know about the album.



    Out November 24th

    01. Arisen My Senses - 4:59
    02. Blissing Me - 5:05
    03. The Gate - 6:33
    04. Utopia - 4:42
    05. Body Memory - 9:46
    06. Features Creatures - 4:49
    07. Courtship - 4:44
    08. Loss - 6:51
    09. Sue Me - 4:57
    10. Tabula Rasa - 4:42
    11. Claimstaker - 3:18
    12. Paradisa - 1:44
    13. Saint - 4:41
    14. Future Forever - 4:47
    Total running time: 71'38''

    All songs written by Björk \ 5 of them co-written by Arca \ "Features Creatures" co-written by Sarah Hopkins*
    All songs produced by Björk and Arca, except "Loss" produced by Björk and Rabit
    Conceived by Björk and Arca
    Edited and structured by Björk on Pro Tools
    Engineered by Bergur Þórisson, Chris Elms and Bart Migal
    Mixed by Heba Kadry and Marta Salogni
    Mastered by Mandy Parnell
    Choir parts written and arranged by Björk \ Hamrahlíðarkórinn conducted by Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir
    Flute parts written and arranged by Björk \ 12-piece all-female flute section conducted by Björk
    Cover art by Jesse Kanda in collaboration with Björk and James Merry \ Make up by Hungry \ Typography by M\M (Paris)
    *Hopkins plays the harmonic whirlies in the song

    CD in jewel case with booklet
    CD in 6-panel soft pack with 12 pages booklet and poster
    Double heavyweight vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download
    Rough Trade exclusive double heavyweight peach vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download
    16-bit WAV\FLAC
    24-bit WAV


    Primary: flutes, synths, woodwinds and harps.
    Secondary: strings, pianos and drum machines.
    The album features the Icelandic Hamrahlíðarkórinn and Australian musician Sarah Hopkins playing the harmonic whirlies.

    Complex, layered and dynamic, with the main sonic palettes merging one into the other: flutes heavily edited to sound like synths, synths and birdsongs selected to be flute-like, folk moments, intertwined vocals and an abundance of samples, loops, bleeps, intricate programming, huge beats and tiny beats, both gentle and harsh. It's been described as lush, gorgeous, epic, constantly changing and full of details.
    The albums is interspersed with field recordings of natural sounds. Birds, insects and monkeys have been confirmed. Some of them are lifted from David Toop's Hekura and Jean C. Roché's Oiseaux du Vénézuela.

    Euphoric, hopeful, fluffy, warm and light, with moments of darkness and brutality here and there.

    Flowy and very fluid. The songs have unusual structures, with lots of slow builds, space and changes. Two or three of them are somewhat closer to pop standards.
    The album can loosely be divided into three or four movements, each of which corresponds to a stage in the exploration of Utopia: the discovery of the island, the living there, the difficult times and the overcoming them.

    Most of all, it's about having a new boyfriend and an active sexual life again but this personal premise is projected on a bigger, universal scale: the process of starting anew and rebuilding both the world and your own self after, and during, dark scary times. Utopia is about the fantasy of a perfect future as a political strategy: coming up with a plan to see it happen but remaining rooted in reality, confronting its inevitable failure but indulging in the bliss of it all at the same time. It's about hope in a world with no hierarchies, no genders, no patriarchy, no taxonomic classifications, where love triumphs and humans, nature and technology finally merge completely.

    Nature of course, and orchids most of all, but also flute and paradise myths from around the world, especially the strikingly similar myths about gender differantiation from the New Guinea Highlands and the Brazilian Amazon. The tale that has shaped Utopia is about the women taking the flutes and fleeing away to a new island, where they build a peaceful society, only to have the men return and wreak havoc. There have also been references to the ancient Chinese fable The Peach Blossom Spring, Viking Ásgarðr, Pan and Kundalini Yoga.

    "Arisen My Senses"
    Built on a tiny loop and harps, it's about her relationship with Arca.
    "Blissing Me"
    A love song, described as gentle and intimate. It starts off as a vocal-based folk tune and evolves into a delicate Vespertine-like experiment with patterned tiny beats. It has a Possibly Maybe structure with each stanza representing one month. Reddit tea has it "submerged in whale noises" and compares it to "Aurora". Lyric: "I fell in love with his song."
    "Body Memory"

    It's a self-help anthem about overcoming anxiety by trusting your own body, a "manifesto for life" and a reminder you "can move past grief and survive" and "find the answers inside yourself". Inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it has six verses B wrote to herself about destiny, love, sex, motherhood, the urban and nature. Reddit tea has it very orchestral and on the gentle side, with woodwinds, strings and the choir.
    "Features Creatures"
    It's about new love and the feeling of seeing someone who looks like your lover. It has Sarah Hopkins' harmonic whirlies all over and they sound like angels singing.
    It's "pure feeling" and has a "crushing jackhammer rhythm" by Rabit.
    "Sue Me"
    It seems to be an anti-Matthew track about moving forward after a traumatic heartbreak. "Let's break this curse so it won't fall on our daughter / Sue me all you want."
    "Tabula Rasa"

    It seems to be about getting rid of old white men and building a matriarchy. Key lyric: "Break the chain of the fuck-ups of our fathers."

    Reddit tea has "Body Memory" as the fourth track and describes the fifth one as a flute-y Vespertine-y song but with a harsh beat. It could be either "Utopia" or "Features Creatures" or nothing at all.

    Promotional photoshoots
    Jesse Kanda
    Maisie Cousins
    Tim Walker
    Santiago Felipe

    The Gate
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  7. We don't deserve you @Psycho.

    Also, "Harmonic Whirlies" would have made a fantastic song title.
  8. Arisen My Senses had better be Allow. And Loss is going to be the only track with beats isn't it?
  9. Only twelve days!

    I am really excited to hear Rabit contribution, Communion is a great album.
  10. LTG


    I keep imagining Arisen My Senses as a reply to Madonna’s Triggering Your Senses.
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  11. Thanks for that Psycho.

    It sounds impossibly wonderful to me at the moment.
  12. I keep imagining that Utopia sounds exactly like Loreen's Euphoria. I KNOW THIS WON'T BE THE CASE, I don't even know why I hear it in my brain. Probs because the titles sound alike.
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  13. Thank to you @Psycho, now we're completely ready to B's new healing and refreshing era. *excitement intensifies*
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  14. I'm perched.
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  15. I read that Japan will get a bonus track as well. Excited!!! It's coming!
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  16. Yes it says bonus track on CDJapan, I wonder if its just a remix of The Gate or another new track.
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  17. Ugh, I love her and I love you.
  18. This album will be impenetrable, impregnably experimental mindfuck that will send us to twirl and we'll deal and be happy about it.
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  19. Have we seen this Guardian article?

  20. This is not really an album of pop songs

    Can’t wait for everyone to realise this one by one and read about it for the next 3 years.
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