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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I love that she has a whole setting for the album. Hopefully we explore the island even further in the videos later in the era.
  2. Her island concept is giving me Amazonian Plastic Beach vibes, which is all kinds of amazing. I love that she still devotes herself fully to concepts.
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  3. I think Psycho posted it in his exhaustive post.

    I wish we could permaban the words ''melody / melodies'' from this thread, I already imagine the mess.
  4. Why won’t she make Post: The Sequel though?!
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  6. Ray


    The Post-Modern Things
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  7. If you go into a Björk album expecting pop songs at this point, then you're a bit of a fucking idiot.
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  8. No it's not. It's clearly the art police propaganda that wants to shove ''tuneless records'' down our throats, little by little, radio and media will be invaded by drone music and art installments, Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack will be regarded as a milestone in popular music as we overshadow and try to erase pop music from this world, there will be no more room for bops and radio friendly songs, we'll be dancing in the clubs only to universal security radio encryptions.
  9. There will be no bop nation, only complication.
  10. I really think that the final chorus of The Gate is just incredibly beautiful. The "care for you" that appears in the video at 5:47 and in the single recording at 5:33 just has such a satisfying cadence, followed by the climaxing flute-synths that surround you like a zephyr. And then that beautiful outro that sounds like medieval choral music. Stunning.
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  11. Ray


    Let us all bookmark this for later use when "Sue Me" proves to be a David Guetta-style flute-house bjöpp:
  12. You don't need to see Bjork's identification...
    These aren't the bops you're looking for...
    You can go about your business...
    Move along, move along.
  13. re: Björk and pop, if y'all are really interested in The Post-Mjödern Things, might I suggest lickingorchids:

    Both her releases are very influenced by 90's Björk to these ears.
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  14. Very very.

    That Sailor Moon still is aggressive.
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  15. For me it's a weird wait because thinking about it being 10 days away seems like nothing but thinking about it being the Friday after next seems so far away.
  16. Great find, henny.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. *gling-gló*


    The Australia and New Zealand iTunes stores have a November 16th release date for Utopia. For the ones who don't keep track with the days of the month, IT'S THIS THURSDAY. Could the digital release come early? It might be just a day away!

    Now, suspicious pre-order banners for Utopia are popping up a little everywhere but the release date stays November 24th in all the other iTunes stores. Maybe something is cooking but they are all temporary pages? Obligatory Oprahwhatisthetruth gif.

    Also, iTunes has an explicit warning for "Body Memory". We know one of the verses is about sex but which profanity do we think we'll hear from B's noise pipe this time? Is it going to be another "fuck"? A timeless classic like "cock"? A feminist "cunt"? A confrontational "pissface"?

    Also vol. 2, it appears confirmed the Japanese edition of the album won't feature any bonus track.

    Also vol. 3, here's a tryptich of unseen pictures coming from Elle Brazil, The Guardian and Santiago Felipe's Instagram.


  19. You’re amazing.
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  20. Blissing Me will be released tommorow

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