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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. *gling-gló*


    "Blissing Me" is going to be released tomorrow!

    Is it just wishful thinking or does that gorgeous photo kind of looks like a video still?
  2. Like this image
  3. A musicvideo tomorrow + the album the day after would be almost too utopic?!
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  4. The album release is the 24th.
  5. See previous page
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  6. Please let this be true. I could so use the new album this weekend.
  7. Releasing it this early would be such a blessing and a great way to turn for the better what is such a shit week.
  8. On the eve of a new Björk release, I just want to show my appreciation for Vulnicura again. What a fucking masterwork it is. After Volta (which I just find a bit "bleh") and Biophillia (which was novel at the time but over time has proven to feel surprisingly empty) she really hit her stride again.

    Stonemilker is warmth. Black Lake is grief (and I sometimes think may be her best song). Pieces like Lion Song and Family are among her most interesting productions ever. It took me a while to gel with something like Notget (the video helped) but I adore its darkness and complexity now.
  9. Oh my god, please Björk. Give us the new album this week. The descriptions make me hungry for this.
  10. Ray


    I love "Stonemilker" so much. I know this is not really a thing in Björk wörld but please give me one song that will make me feel such #warmthness, Queen.

    *off to play Vulnicura*
  11. I am over the moon about Blessing me tomorrow. Don't mind if the album comes next week.
  12. New beatiful interview with the New York Times! An integral read is highly recommended but I've selected new info and the quotes that will enrage our melody-obsessed crowd the most for both convenience and trollerie.

    I am still so dumbfounded about how similar to my own thoughts and necessary to my own circumstances this album is revealing itself to be. I know it's going to be a true blessing for many of us. THE TRUE QUEEN B FOR THE PEOPLE.
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  13. This is gonna be so good.
  14. I'm getting Joanna Newsom Ys vibes from this based on everything we know.
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  15. I will actually die.
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  17. Its also available on spotify (atleast in germany)!!!

    with a beautiful tender cover art....
  18. This sounds much more "approachable" than "the gate" for those worried.
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